I made the world’s largest Nerf gun to defend my honor. CHECK OUT AND SUB RYAN AND DAVID’S CHANNEL: …


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  1. Nasa are frauds, that faking space and making psyops…. why anyone believe in this hoaxes, dunno, Nasa is just a big peace of garbage… And you really believe that this dots are millions and more miles away? xDD Do you know about refractors, geliometrs, geliographs, geliotrops, celiostats? Srly…. but cool gun)

  2. slitherpuss says:

    this is disgusting

  3. İ. Cffdvtuvghdrjtxe

  4. Rss Gamer says:

    Thank you Mr. Rober, you have really inspired me.

  5. Doctor Mokey says:

    Can u subscribe to my channel

  6. Cookie man says:

    I though this was gonna be a click bait vid but I guess not

  7. I want that for my birthday

  8. cud kill the kid went to far


  10. The bigger the better

  11. FTSAnime says:

    Am I the only one lookin' at the neice?? I mean come on guys… admit it.

  12. Cheeseman says:

    Great idea shoot a bullet that can go 130 meaters at A KID

  13. Perfect for all of my battles against watermelons.

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