World’s Largest Pilgrimage – Hajj Documentary


We snuck a handicam into Mecca, Saudi Arabia to film the Islamic tradition of Hajj, the world’s largest annual pilgrimage and the biggest gathering of people in …


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  1. Nick Doe says:

    The "rock" itself was a pagan worship object.

  2. Nick Doe says:

    So what is the estimate revenue from this for S Arabia?

  3. Neymar Messi says:

    Satan direct Line residing in India. Devil found….Afraid of stoning hidden…

  4. Kashif Ali says:

    fuck allah mohammad was a child rapist

  5. AR Sabbir says:

    Words are less to describe this wonderful moments there.

  6. AR Sabbir says:

    I am a Muslim & proud of my religion.

  7. im not muslim but i lived in saudi for a time. can i hajj?

  8. Ryan Ren says:

    beautiful documentary. I'm impressed by muslims' devotion to their religion, but also thinking whether this kind of devotion to any religion would leave little time for independently learning and creating new tech/culture/ideologies that push the society forward ?

  9. What's crazy to me is only the non-Muslims here, spreading hatred and talking shit. For all you losers that can't handle the truth if you don't like it jump off a bridge or drink some bleach please do us all a favor because these hateful comments is not going to change single thing.

  10. Docmasterstv says:

    Seems like a cult to me, Islam that is.. Trained and encouraged to throw rocks as part of their "religion" and expected to complete a quest back at the mothership at least once in their life.

    Good video though.

  11. Was that collect stones for Wiz Khalifa or get stoned with Wiz Khalifa?

  12. Denko Troi says:

    I am a Catholic and I would like to be a Muslim. Do I have any chance?

  13. ya00007 says:

    Thank you for the insight of Hajj.

  14. The background music tho.

  15. my grandmother went to hajj

  16. I stopped watching it as soon as I heard "Aggressive Bangladeshi grandmothers", not very impressed.

  17. boosha gamer says:


  18. Raj c says:

    They pray Hindu god Shiva

  19. Iam going to hajj journey with my father on 27 aug 2016 from karachi pakistan … pls pray for all muslim thanks

  20. Dear brother DENKO TROYI…
    After recite of this u will become muslim…. then u can search basics of islam n muslims from google…thx

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