Worldwar 3 – NASA Published “End of Mankind” INSANE Documents – Wake The HELL up !! [Must-See]


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12 Responses

  1. There isn't a solution in one of those booklets is there?

  2. Ur Skighness says:

    ?Microdust…sounds eerily like chemtrails?. Listening to this …I'm suddenly becoming nauseated?

  3. how easy would it be to forge those documents right now..?

  4. Can't even brag you sold your own souls, they were already sold for you. Same as the children/grandchildren you may or may never have. One solution. Convince the aliens you are worthy. Give the nice aliens permission to take your leaders. Like a treaty, but the way it SHOULD be. Will take a lot of you. But if enough of you simply THINK it, you may get what you want. Uncle Sham can't fuck with E.T. That's why they don't want you playing together. Start sharing. Fast. CE-5.

  5. Truth Seaker says:

    yep we got less than 10 years..

  6. gary boden says:

    Come down to Australia mate, this is the ultimate concentration camp on the Earth.

  7. Alvin Wine says:

    lets stop them cold in their tracks no one owns us fuck them all to hell with the traitors to our world

  8. it's not hard to read stumbles over quite a few words immediately

  9. Ariel Ridley says:

    Read your bible. let not your heart be trouble

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