Worls MOST FEARED Royal Australian Air Force F-18 Aircraft


A great video of Royal Australian Air Force F-18 aircraft arriving at US Air force for the annual red flag exercise. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), formed …


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  1. lol the thumbnail is a canadien cf-18

  2. Serhat Demir says:

    in asia ? yo know russia japan korea india iran turkey israel and even egypt in asia too ?

  3. Nathan Trigg says:

    Ahhh Fly boys call Gas fuel too.

  4. Nathan Fox says:

    Australia isn't even in asia

  5. mrwong11989 says:

    The F-18 is an awesome machine in the film Independence Day

  6. Wetty Fap says:

    BEST IN ASIA? dude you're Australian? did you not have an education?

  7. I only come to this channel for the titles and the troll-comments about the titles.

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  9. The "best" here in Australia , is the worst anywhere else .

  10. Hornet is a great platform and fighter.. but my god it looks ugly…

  11. truestar1995 says:

    title changed…hahahaha….omfg

  12. A total US vassal state.

  13. Becky Beck says:

    An Aussie here and i can tell you we are in as stated in OCEANIA which is the south west pacific region the area mainly consists of Australia ans New Zealand but as it a joins countries like Papua New Guinea East Timor Indonesia etc we are closer to Asia than any other part of the world (USA 18 hours flying time, Europe about the same). So while we have a history as part of the British Empire that was used initially as a place to send convicts after the USA War of Independence, since our federation in 1901 and becoming a self governing Dominion of the Empire we have been our own people and developed our own identity which since the end of world war 2 has seen us become more involved in the Asia Pacific area which has intern brought us more into the Asian region both financially and population wise since the scrapping of the White Australia policy in the 1960s

    Hope that helps straighten out any questions or misconceptions.

  14. RAAF was formed march 1909 actually.

  15. RAAF despite being small, it is deadly however. And with the defence budget rising, its military power will grow and maybe a chance of becoming a global superpower maybe. This being said from an Australian themselves :T

  16. Yr! Looks interesting/ digestion bruise What do you think, guys… !!

  17. jon doe says:

    I love the paint job the Aussies did with the F18…

  18. veedub447 says:

    so why buy F-18s from the USA, can't the RAAF build its own?

  19. the red flag exercises are overrated. i participated once.i was on a camel with a whip and bows and arrows. still managed to take down 7 f-22s , 3 f-18s , 6 f-15's. now clearly i was not going to win against the odds that were presented to me however valuable lessons were taken away in the efficient use of a camel.

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