WOW! London Heathrow +60 HEAVY Arrivals Incl. 9 A380s!


Seen here are __ heavy aircraft landing at London Heathrow airport in (mostly) sunny weather. Including rare catches, enjoy! ⇊ For more info & Aircraft …


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  1. Mooi spotting heb weer genoten 1 like derbij

  2. Sawyer Caren says:

    i think all trafic heavy at heathrow. :P

  3. Sawyer Caren says:

    Also you can add a window on video from FR24. :P

  4. Great spotting video!

  5. I sometimes look at the Boeing line-up, and wonder what the heck they were thinking! But then I watch Airbus, and see that they have an even stranger resume…From the first A-300 to the magnificent 380…they seem to be saying "we don't know…but this looks workable…" Why two four engine planes? Why release the 350 before the 340? I love it, but still…

  6. OK…'nuther dumb question moment…Are the 777 GE's bigger than other airplane's engines, or is it just my perception?

  7. 30 minutes of splendid spotting here Mr Sander! Awesome :)

  8. Great compilation mate

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