WTC7 NIST Finally Admits Freefall by David Chandler Part 2 – Teks Bahasa Indonesia



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  1. bigspook999 says:

    Omg..victory. .now you have to find another hobby that alienates you from family and friends..I suggest world of warcraft

  2. rosmer00 says:

    What ever shit the future has prepared for your country, your kind deserves it.

  3. archerace7 says:

    Very interesting, that instead of understanding the implications of this, you prefer to belittle the person that has brought it to the forefront. Would you prefer to be kept in the dark?

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  5. Snes Elliott says:

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  6. DnS says:

    Go fly on your donkey you moron, it's the American Government not it's brain washed populous, your religion breeds stone-age idiots, now do us a favour and commit suicide.

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