WW 3 Flash-point now! Tensions extremely high!


World War 3 Flash-point now! Tensions extremely high! Spratly islands heating up again! China wants the valuable gas and oil that lays under the whole area.


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  1. A good Cyclone will wipe it Out !! or Quake !!!

  2. the oil pipe line from Kuwait to Syria Port !!! that's the Problem !!! ???❤????????❤?

  3. Myke says:

    It wouldnt be a World War.Since European Empires are all gone they cant drag the world in with them.

  4. ron guin says:

    No deaf ears here brother, seen it coming a year ago been hard at it since then. It feels like the sheeple have gone back to sleep as the enemy manouvers. I'm sad for them.

  5. Bubba Love says:

    thank you brother hope the wife is doing better

  6. just let them have thier island we have no reason to be over therw anyway, i cant believe these selfish leaders we have going to risk millions of lives over nothing. people would be just fine without government most just want to live a nice simple life with thier friends and family not go to war over this.

  7. america would be destroyed by china we are weak and lazy and obama has destroyed our military…… and our 13billion dollar aircraft carrier that dont work can be taken out with high speed missiles that fly right above the water.

  8. I think it was China that designed the aircraft carrier killer missile now they say our aircraft carriers are floating graveyards. mayby it was russia….

  9. Geary Kunkel says:

    make no mistake about it ….the Philippines are the target …tens of thousands of islands ,a week willed catholic populace ….china thinks a hundred years ahead ….they recently amended the one child rule …..I think its brilliant planning ….by the way don't you think the U.S.knows this !?…..we will make faux protestations …but the fate of the phlippens is sealed …..and I meant phlippens !

  10. m Day says:

    ALL currency is on the brink of total collapse so………………let's have a war to boost the economy.
    All wars are Bankers wars.
    Once the Soldiers, Sailors and all who fight these wars, continue to volunteer to be cannon fodder, there will always be wars and ignorant people volunteering!

  11. Norwegian OG says:

    so this only makes pepole freak out

  12. 1) As one of the Allies of World War II, China recovered sovereignty of the South China Sea islands, including the area of dispute, under the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation as part of the terms of surrender for Japan, following World War 2. Much like the US gaining islands in the south pacific as war reparations.

    2) The hague ruling doesnt apply to china because it does not recognize the hague. Like australia telling the US what side of the road it can drive on.

    3) The US criticising countries for taking land and calling it as their own is the height of hubris and hypocrisy.

    4) Whoever owns the land/sea its surely NOT the US, an american issue or something the US should be sending their warships in to antagonize the chinese.

  13. caseypromise says:

    well, i f there was an ocean called The United States of America Ocean, we'd claim it was ours too

  14. uyên lực says:

    Yeah ! American , japan , russia. Miana , philipin , viet nam attack on china , fuck china

  15. Bob Belcher says:

    spRATlys not sPARTlys

  16. keep saying it spartlys when its spratlys… annoying.

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