WW III: World War Three & American and Russian UFOS


This video shows some of the UFO technology available today to the US and Russian Airforces.


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  1. Watchman4u says:

    If this footage is this Clear HD why hasn't it been seen surly many people had to see those Motherships over the city. That Plane looks like a F-22 Raptor I made those CNC work. I don't believe it can do that come out of the ocean,  it can stall tho @ a 80 degree angle , some of the orbs may be real. I've seen a pyramid light in the sky it looked like a light bright about 200 ft in the air it was night as soon as my eyes met it , it faded away? I thought "Blue beam" 1st thing I do believe they will use a fake blue beam ufo/rapture deal & there will be dark forces as well but they are spirits/orbs they use men to build their toys of destruction & torture….. forbidden knowledge. Many will fall for this delusion The Lord Jesus is waiting on you He is our Only Hope. He will answer you if you believe on Him you can see it for what it really is WW of The End. Jesus already won He waiting for all that would come to Him simple.  He don't want ANYone to perish we are very Very Close.

  2. eph5121 says:

    satans army preparing for armegeddon and the return of the Lord.. some great footage there mate.

  3. brian marsh says:

    Hmm…Excellent Coldplay track tho at 2:15..

  4. Jacka13ite says:

    The Queens' white light bergaid is always an awesome site. There Queens not our queens.

  5. Miz Ozark says:

    some good ones tho I am pretty sure a couple of them have been found to be hoaxes. there are some real ones in there too tho

  6. LOL  this is so fake it's absurd.

  7. Mike Bowman says:

    Anti gravity helicopter? You mean frame rate lag from a video camera? Wheres the real shit people. This fake shit is getting lame

  8. Nasoz says:

    Stop misleading our reality with computer graphics engineering crafts.  Real anti – gravity type crafts does not react or behave this way. The material shown here its clearly fake.

  9. Nasoz says:

    Yes it is fake. I know how they look in real life. I have seen them countless times from the early stages of my life so far and i know by experience how they look,react,behave. Also i know about video editing,Photoshop, and especially about computer graphics engineering (CGE) because i have knowledge about the  polygon graphics (polygon graphics is the structure of the objects in a graphic environment), the rendering method of the objects (rendering is the level of depth,<<coating>> of the iconic truthfulness of the material form), the texture – mapping of the objects (texture – mapping is the level of the detailed look,surface of the objects like the grass,sky,clothes, e.t.c , the shader effects of the objects (shader effects is the truthfulness of the elements of nature like shadows,lights,rays,fire,water,dust,clouds e.t.c and all this needs a GPU (graphical processor unit). So i'm delighted to tell you the material here is clearly fake. thank you for your patience……

  10. Adam Wright says:

    Thank God I'm not subscribed with this dude

  11. 62hotrodvair says:

    You may believe in u.f.o's and that's okay , what is not okay is to use fake stuff and also a helicopter that is probably using a directional jet thrust to manuver it as hovering without propellers , jets now have this tech to .

  12. colibri vole says:

    Stop this dumb WW3 with UFO. Don't you think men are not enough clever to launch WW3 by themselves ? They need UFO to help them ? There's enough stupidity on earth, don't add more please !

  13. Another doomsdayer – miserable bugger out to frighten people.

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