WW3 ALERT!!!!! NATO vs Russia Everyone Else Loses – world war 3 start on 7/11/2016


WW3 ALERT!!!!! NATO vs Russia Everyone Else Loses – world war 3 start on 7/11/2016.


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  1. Gg Hitrow says:

    Thanks for all the great information! I hope you are well and getting some rest.

  2. khunt says:

    i agree with some of what you say but the shit about hitting russia hard? Ukraine wouldn't get within ten feet of russia, they would be wiped out in a day and so would the usa and nato if the come within 100 miles of russia borders. they need to drag russia out. thats why they wont fuck with crimea, that comes under russian territory and within russia umbrella of border area denial defence network. sure they can keep prodding but in july last year Ukrainian dumb cunts got too close.. a two minute salvo from russian artillery wiped out two battalions of vodka guzzling goat fucking neo nazis.. 2 fucking minutes.

  3. olmosm1 says:

    You know the old saying: What goes around, Comes around. This never fails.

  4. gyx2k says:

    America is being hijacked by Satanic cults and Muslim Jihadist, they want a war with Russia

  5. Chic Lurch says:

    Nuremburg II needs to be convened BEFORE the war!!

  6. DPG Golding says:

    I agree that Hillary is already chosen by the shadow government (elite) for a while now. she is part of the same families that have been in power for quite some time. she will do what ever the elite want her to do or say.

  7. good luck NATO forces

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