WW3 Coming 2017, Muslims vs Non Muslims, Nuclear Weapons, World War 3


Horrible Wars in the history of mankind, World War 3 Coming 2017, Shocking Prediction, Islamic prophecy about the end of time. Allah and Muhammad ﷺ in my …


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  1. omer rehman says:

    Are you confident that this war will out break in 2017 . you also suggested that it will kick start from Turkey as it is castle 1.

    are you confident sir that this event will happen next year in 2017?

  2. This scares me, I am Muslim.

  3. Maryam Abd says:

    I hate it when you say soon! I get so curious, like I just wanna know when exactly!!!! LOOOLL!!! AHAHHA

  4. VOTE TRUMP says:

    Muslims please read the Bible and find out for yourself, Most Muslims preachers know the Bible in and out. So I ask if you also know the Bible as your preachers do? Don't you want to find out the Truth for yourself? it's only 2 books to find out the Truth, don't be scared to learn the Truth because it's a good thing. Find the proof for yourself right? Quran chapter 4 verse 22,23,24. Hadith Chapter 43/44 verse 2155 The Quran and profit Mohammed is wrong and teach immorality, legalized rape etc

  5. MiniHudaHD says:

    Why do you use music in the background? I know it hypes up the video and stuff, but clearly the prophet SAW forbade music and its dangers.. past videos you have used nasheeds which is good.

  6. blue-one says:

    Brother Qasim thank you for your hard work and nice videos . The only thing is please don't give timelines because only Allah knows the time. May Allah reward you for your hard work , well done.

  7. Siyal Khan says:

    According To your dreams Saudi Arabia will be lost with Turkey in WW3???….What About Makkah and Madinah are these cities will be in the hands of Kuffar?
    Secondly will WW3 will break with Nuclear Weapons in 2017?thanks for such videos Brother..

  8. Rita Kurnia says:

    semoga Allah menolong para hambanya, juga indonesia

  9. DemonToss says:

    Every year same story! When is 2017 year then ww3 Coming 2018!

  10. FrenZie says:

    How will the WW3 be ignited? It can't just simply happen that easy, you know.

    The only way I can think of it happening is through North Korea nuking a country, or either through a massive terrorist attack which would be much more devastating than 9/11.

  11. hashim majid says:

    please take my salam to the prophet

  12. hashim majid says:

    can i translate your videos in ''swahili language'' so the religion of allah spreads soon.plese answer me soon

  13. Afser Ahmed says:

    Assalamualikum, Mr.Muhammad Qasim i respect your view point and congratulate you on seeing prophet Mohammed (salalahu alaihe wasalam) as proclaimed by you, has he our prophet (salalahualihewasalam) said you to spread this message ?, wish to ask you coz i have seen few dreams with respect to world war 3, but no where i was said in the dream to inform people about the same, i have not been fortunate to see prophet (salalahu alihewasalam) in dream, and if i did so in future also i wouldn't reveal unless I am said to reveal,

  14. ThatDutchguy says:

    Isn't it dangerous to act and pretend to be a profet like you are doing now, a real religious imam could order a fatwa on you ! But it's a good idea if you seek help, you've got "god syndrome" it's a mental illness, there's pills for that these day's and you should most definitely be on them before you get hauled off to your padded-room at the funny-farm.

  15. ThatDutchguy says:

    All ISIS terrorist got a surprise when they died,….it wasn't 72 virgins but one toothless wrinkled old 72 year old Virgin ? and they weren't in heaven but with their master in hell ?.

  16. Afif Rusli says:

    Its hard to believe , but yet deep inside we want this Peace over the world to happen, in 2017 WE shall see the truth.

  17. Na Lu says:

    Muslims need to wake up. Palestine and Syria are the Hearts of the Muslim Ummah yet look at them! They're now being murdered, killed, massacred, tortured, raped, beaten, humiliated, laughed at, ignored, forgotten!!! This is what happen to the Hearts of the Muslim Ummah! Do you guys think the rest of the Muslim Ummah will be safe? Nay, that is just a wishful thinking. Allah and Muhammad PBUH warned us through this divine dreams of a truthful Muslim, that wicked forces are on the move to take over Turkey and Saudi Arabia now… and after that Allah will save us through Pakistan Army under the command of righteous Gen. Raheel Sharif, to defend this endangered Muslim Ummah! Because Allah does what HE wills! By then, Islam will rise again and we are one step closer to Qiyamah. GET INFORMED AND BE PREPARED.

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