WW3 EXPOSED – What Is Going To Happen ? – Third World War Exposed – New World Order Imminent


Tom Cruise Is Selling All – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzAq-Kke_HI incoming Martial Law – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFiCEElIikE Germans …


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  1. frank says:

    He didn't predict, he planned the 3ww.

  2. Bert Gert says:

    Fuck the Occult.

  3. Watch The protocols of the learned elders of zion. Wow!

  4. Golden Era says:

    Pike Ike hehehee…

  5. Golden Era says:

    Fellow slaves, stand united, have no fear, may LOVE be our weapon. I love you.

  6. johnup53 says:

    all I can say is start right NOW storing food water if you want to live or they WILL put you in a fema camp

  7. Charlie the cat says sorry he thought you where someone else I don't smoke shit

  8. Zippna4 says:

    white men are cancer to the world and other creature fucking nazi race. god is a white mental illness alien that why all those white crime goes un-punished

  9. Zyzyzx Zyzer says:

    All for their Zionist NWO. Greater Israel will rule.

  10. don't be hungry if you don't need to be,,, have water and a way to clean it,, then have some food,,, you are gonna need it,, fire helps too,,, stay warm… peace out.

  11. Azmin Zamo says:

    Well im ready for it bring it on

  12. Josh D says:

    There are 2 choices to every decision made in our entire life. To act out of love, or to act out of fear. I have chosen, just recently, that every decision I make will be out of love and not fear. And when I make a decision out of fear, I will recognize that I did, and learn from it, instead of beating myself up for it, or blaming someone else. Peace

  13. ms furball says:

    when it comes, it comes, so be it -

  14. Rabie M says:

    Brazil's Tamer is a Christian Lebanese.

  15. RSE 167 says:

    Fascism are has nought to do with capitalism, soviets were crazy

  16. Im sorry but you are a little off when it comes to the info about the dollar. The Eagle is actually the symbol of the red shield society, which is the group the made up the FED GOV and the IRS after PRES Roosevelt agreed to it and sign in the first Central Bank of the USA or what is now known as the federal reserve. I could continue but its a lot to say and I could pretty much debunk the entire video but Im just going to leave this here for now. One last thing to think that Christianity could be completely wiped out is a farce, that religion is seeded within the world now. History SHOWS us that it is impossible to get rid of Christianity, Many nation have tried time and time again and every time they have failed.

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