WW3 October 2016


NATO and the U.S. prepare to battle Russian forces as hybrid warfare moves West into Europe. World War 3 begins! Subscribe for updates! world war 3, ww3, …


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  1. 완강 says:

    I think US will back off from Ukrane

  2. 75 years ago the US knew better than to fuck with Stalin. FDR gave in to Stalin's demands including Crimea and a part of Poland and Ukraine was already Stalin's playground so..If the NATO is dumb enough to think Putin, right or wrong, can be pushed around, they will be sadly mistaken as will the world. Keep your nose in your own back yard!! No foreign entanglements !!

  3. Banana Men says:

    Wow Nato forces occupied Russia borders and they call them aggressors.
    Its all been seen before and if Nato does not get burned we are all going to slave/die status because NWO said so.
    I hope lighting will strike everyone who is pulling the strings on this one, so we can all live in peace.

  4. mayday mayday mayday, beltway bandits active in area

  5. hey kettle, you are way blacker than the pot

  6. geo tan says:

    If Hitler got killed before ww2 there may not have been a ww2. Putler has started ww3. Any ideas how to stop the war? How about killing the red rat Putler?

  7. ITS A TOTAL NOT A TRUE      Russia only protect own land and land of SSSR  (15 COUNTRYS OF SOVIET UNION REPUBLICS . WE ARE NOT EXEPT ONE WORLD BANC  what is comming soon and we are not exept  chiping our body as a animals///PUTIN PRESIDENT IS SWEET HEART person and he have good manerr ti stip AMERICAN NATO ARMY AGAINST OUR FRIENDS AND OUR COUNTRY . .

  8. Хохлов показали какими милыми и пушистыми, щечки розовые, от них наверное еще пахло молоком))))))) Все просто, опять России предстоит выиграть очередную войну. Разбить агрессоров. Пора достать дедовский ТТ )))) Вы будете в шоке. А лично у нас война в крови. нам по кайфу. За родину, за Путина. Вам не понять наш менталитет. Товарищи чизбургеры.)))) 

  9. This guy below me read my mind! !!!!

  10. why are people so blind,NATO will bring teror to the whole earth,they are doing so far for at lest 20 years. They will provoke one day,or wake up Rusian bear, and people that will be end of normal life on this earth as we know it. They always looking for some  reason to strike any of  state,normaly they lied like always  but what they realy doing they just serve the devil with arogant smile on their face… people of the world we realy have to wake up!

  11. Konan Igan says:

    Russia is not starting war !!!

    Open Call to Our Military to STOP the New World Order Satanists !!!
    My prayer is that our military wake up…and STOP being used to murder so many people worldwide. Our Military should be soldiers of Christ's Army for good !!!…and not for the bankers and elitist Satanist Illuminati in our government and worldwide. Kill These  Satanists NOW !!! NOW.

    To our guys in the military who read this….brass and enlisted men and women alike…for all of our sakes…Turn these locust gunship’s against the Illuminati…YOU know who THEY are. To Our US Military KILL THE ILLUMINATI before it is too late.

    911 was an inside job so we had no business being in the Middle East to begin with. These men may be Muslims but we have no business being in their country hunting them like dogs. I bet most of the men who killed them regret it once the military realizes HOW USED THEY HAVE BEEN BY THE ILLUMINATI since WW2….and before. The Illuminati Jesuit Satanists have deceived all of us…including and particularly our Military who I support and despise seeing killed to advance a New World Order Agenda.

  12. vinzz says:

    Nato should actively help Ukraine to protect and safe their boarders. WITH TROOPS! Russia wouldn´t dare to attack NATO troops.

  13. In wars poor young men kill poor young men …

  14. hell 0 says:

    Crimea belonged to Russia.

  15. jack hunter says:

    russia and china will be sent back to the stone age if thet try and fuck with us…..yup

  16. in 2016 no ww3 is whet happened

  17. What a fucking idiot .Russia invaded here 75 years a go.The Nazis invaded 75 years a go and the ukes joined them.Fuck the Ukraine.

  18. #ИльяКаналМоряка

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