WW3 preparation @ San Diego,CA OCT 3,2015




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  1. why is there happy go lucky music to something that is supposed to make me think "War preparation" (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  2. oscaralexa says:

    You are clearly in Miramar just north of San Diego (still part of San Diego County) and there is the Miramar Air force Base,
    they train all year long, and this is a normal sight for us locals, you can see many different aircraft not just jets.

  3. ian neil says:

    Looks like the blue angels training

  4. looks like the pilots are having the ride of the lives.

  5. The government is trying to hide the amazing aerial acrobatics of the US Navy Blue Angels from us???  BASTARDS!!

  6. elementneon says:

    Pretty cool how the Blue Angels are going to be participating in WW3, didn't know world class formation stunt flying was going to be a requirement in WW3.

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