WW3 Red Alert | World War 3 Betwen China vs US | Update August 2016


WW3 Red Alert | World War 3 Betwen China vs US | Update August 2016 World War 3 Update August 2016 This is NOT a prediction video, this is part of a series …


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  1. Gerald North says:

    all I have to say is the evil men in this world Chinese president, Putin, and Kim jung, and the ayetollahs in iran, will get what they deserve on their deathbeds, this is the worst time in the history of earth every nation is fighting each other for what the destruction of earth and its people ridiculous, we have to hope and pray for peace. may God bless all of you.

  2. 陈芳 says:

    The collusion of Japan (ex signatory of the Tripartite Pact with NAZI and, Shunji Yanai chosen the 4 lawyers of the flawed PCA (permanent court of arbitration) private arbitration that was rejected by UN ) and USA who orchestrated this Arbitration (creator of the ISIS), and Australia (Human rights abuses in NAURU and ex-prison of England ) will be the real security threat to East Asia. QUOTE FROM QUORA JULY 2016 – Sam Eiji, “”There are few things that western media try to suppress in their news coverage 1. It is not an UN backed court or tribunal 2. It is a Private arbitration. It was not related to the UN. 3. It is not legally binding on China 4. It is not an international law. It is just a ruling – an Award. 5. it is not a free and fair trial. 6. Arbitration require the consent of both parties. China did not agree to the arbitration. 7. There are huge distinction between a Court and an Arbitration. 8. China 9 Dash line over SCS are still valid and legal . The tribunal cant invalidate their historic right. 9. The tribunal dont have such jurisdiction. – Exceeding the legal authority beyond their own capacity. 10. There are no need for any nations to prove their historical claim before court. 11. It is a Convention (UNCLOS) . It is not an international law. 12. The question about the legality of China 9 dash line claim should not judged by “so called Common Sense” or the Logic of a layman – “ distance , proximity and the size or the extent of such claim by looking at the map alone. 13. The legality of any territorial claim are based on the historical development and historical events. 14. International law can’t re draw the border or re invent new right. 15. Not a Single Western nation would obey the ruling issued by a Foreign courts against their own law and constitution even though they had publicly support the Philippine stance in the arbitration. – hypocrisy?””

  3. 陈芳 says:

    QUOTE FROM QUORA’S Lucy 22July2016

    “The PCA is not a court. It is a private organisation.
    In July 2016, the tribunal violated UNCLOS of no role in territory sovereignty disputes. The private temporary arbitration is not even a legal part of PCA
    China excised its legal right of not participating in the Arbitration.
    ————————————– —–
    There is no any international court who has the legal authorities in the world to rule on territory sovereignty disputes based on only one country's participation.
    In July 2016, the tribunal is a Black-box operated, Corrupted, Bribed, Political motivated, Private owned and Temporary Arbitration in Hague.
    How does the U.S. regard the illegal verdict ruled by the Black-box operated, Corrupted, Political motivated, money-earning Orientated, Bribed & private Temporary Arbitration in Hague as an international law?
    The U.S. is vomiting its self and the current world Architecture.”

  4. 陈芳 says:

    joophoon tong1 week ago
    UN should consider seriously press a charge against the Permanent Court of Arbitration as in the case of South China Sea Arbitration, PCA has severely tarnished the good name of UN International Court of Justice..
    Fan Chuen Dennis Tsang1 week ago
    Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) is another organization! It is established in 1899 which has no relationship with UN's International Court Of Justice . Unfortunately, these two courts are both housed inside the Peace Palace in Haque. PCA made a statement on July 14 clarifying this. http://www.icj-cij.org/homepage/index.php?lang=en

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