WW3 Red Alert | WW3 Update July 2016 | USA and Nato vs Russian and China | World War 3


World War 3 Update 2016 This is NOT a prediction video, this is part of a series showing the build-up to full scale war.


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  1. bob jones says:

    Russian cuming to free us
    form nato

  2. Pat Mar says:

    I cant trust anything CNN says anymore after Wikileaks emails showed collusion between Hilary and their journalists. From what I've noticed analysing other sources of news, it seems that the Syrian people in Aleppo are welcoming an end to hostilities, now that the militants have been defeated there. Why cant we in the west just find another industry to run our economy off other than war for fucks sake…

  3. Tree Cats says:

    Get ready for war

  4. MsSurinam says:

    pantagon and nato is terorish organitesion,

  5. John Jalas says:

    WW3 wont start like this, it will stem from a series of civil wars.

  6. Chad B says:

    Future so bright, I gotta wear shades!.And the temperature just reached 1,000 degrees!…A 1,000 degrees.. 🙂 ….

  7. Pretty sure there has been active war world wide for the last 25-30 years…. Just throw'n that out there

  8. Ali Raf says:

    ww3 will start from the east, either china hitting the philipines or north korea hitting someone… then it'll engulf the west. both sides will regret it.

  9. what a mess,,,, america is evil… more than north korea..

  10. Blade Runner says:

    USA is Zionist zombie, when zombie finish the job, zombie will die.

  11. N Parker says:

    World War 3 is on the horizon.
    It's looking more likely by the day. If people havent got there shit together now is the time.
    The world as we know it will collasp.
    I just picked up a free survival guide i seen being mentioned in a video.
    Check it out – http://goo.gl/uPEfHz

  12. Ethan Mac says:

    blitzy the democrook goof…stop calling them regimes, negative connotation, you manipulative snakes…the only regimes are USA aka JEW-S-A & Israel

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