WW3 Russia Turkey Putin to Nuke ISIS Obama to Send 100,000 Troops Syria World War III Illiuminati


Dollar Collapse FED Raised Interest Rates China Dump US Debt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S11RDMB-AFw …


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  1. who will come to us with a sword by the sword and will perish !!!

  2. Guys, calm down, Obama is almost going away. If you want WW3, you have to wait for the next President to start it. Remember what Obama said when he was campaigning that he will never take the Country to the War. Obama's
    focus is creating jobs for the American People. Obama's WW3 was to grow our economy and recover it from the economic crisis that was happening as the resulting of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Please be patient and be happy because Obama is almost in the finishing line. Your lovely WW3 you are crying about will never happen under Obama. After Obama, you can do whatever you like. For example, you can choose to go to War with anybody that you want to Bomb and waste your resources in a childish way because there are nothing to improve in our country. Everyone is rich and happy.  Thank you

  3. ISIS is losing – time to send in more sheep to the slaughter to give them a hand. They are all told they are not wanted but they go anyway making them illegal occupiers.

  4. stop the bullshit dude, none of the crap you are mentioning is gonna happen, putin even said a day ago that he wants to be friends with the us.

  5. ianjohn05 says:

    I would like too see Russia set up military bases in Serbia and Kick Kebab out of Kosovo.

    Kosovo is Serbia!

  6. andy watson says:

    Saudi Arabia, Vatican and NATO GO TO HELL. YOU ARE SATANIC.

  7. Hello! I just want to say, to all of you. For United States government, and Russia. It's going to be hard, even for both of those countries. To fight against the, "ISIS." Because "ISIS, has been spread from the Middle East. To other Countries, like México, United States, Canada, England, etc. And now on those days, the "ISIS" have presences with different Countries from the World. And where the "ISIS," live they are recruiting new members. If this War in Syria against the "ISIS," doesn't finish fast. It's going to lead, to World War 3. And I say to all of you again, lets prey to the Lord God. For Peace, because nobody wants War.

    Saludos desde Chicago, Illinois. Ah! Todos los lectores, y usuarios de youtube.

  8. please note to all Putin haters! the only reason people from America and the west don't trust Putin is cause like myself (u.k) has been fed bullshit propaganda I don't listen to that if there was a nuke war in the end Russia would win no questions asked even if they were all dead they would still be able to attack cause of the deadman switch not to mention they have the most powerful weapon ever created the tsar bomb. plus Putin rules he tells his people what shits happening were and when and is willing to protect his country at any cost unlike the corporate puppets Obama,Cameron and hollande are.

  9. its illegal to use a legal name, google legal name fraud

  10. Same sorta thing happened in Korea. Russia occupied North Korea & U.S occupied South Korea

  11. MrJansco says:

    its all for the zionist Nazi beast israel the resources are just a bonus, as you can see turkey cashing in on,

  12. Tyler Durden says:

    i think Obama might be a Liar!

  13. kissy deea says:

    i think you all mafakers start to learn rusian language ASAP ! cuz america is poop !

  14. stay punny says:

    Rusia Turkey putin to Nuke ISIS OBAMA? WTF bait ass title to get views its not even a complete sentence in the English language gtfo.

  15. yankees pommies fuck off leave well enough alone stop spreading your fucking bullshit you mother fucker weasels

  16. This is just an opinion but I honestly think that obama is going to wait until closer to the upcoming elections before he goes to war in the middle east. As far as I know, the only way that the presidential elections can be suspended is if there is some type of national emergency or war. So when war breaks out, he gets to keep his job and we all know how much o loves having all that power.

    If you'll remember, as soon as o was elected the left was talking about ending term limits and war would keep their king is office.

  17. Forgive Me
    There are no words to express how filthy I feel every time I break Your heart. The guilt and the shame are overwhelming! Lord, I need Your touch right now. I am so sick of being “born again” and still hating. Like every human, I am conflicted. “I hate what I do but I still do it.” I am so sorry! Father, I ask for Your forgiveness right now. I am shocked that my life has come to a point where even some sins don’t affect me at all. Father, I have some hard layers on my heart that need peeling. Please give me a 100% heart of flesh. The hardness is a barrier between us that I can’t stand! I love You and I am so regrettably sorry for my selfish actions. Thank You for Your forgiveness, Lord. Without forgiveness I am nothing. With Your forgiveness I am whole again and want peace. I praise Your Name!

  18. america is feeding the syrians and isis weapons

  19. Turn istambul bach in to Constatinopolis …

  20. russa süsper.. teknology…

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