WWE Wrestlemania 32 Illuminati Transhumanism Ritual EXPOSED!


2016 Overview of the Illuminati Ritual from WWE Wrestlemania 32. FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/xvrillexx Human Cloning EXPOSED: …


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  1. MinuteWithMo says:

    I thought the same when I heard the speech. The only reason I watched it was because my friend made the 14 masks shown at 2:10.

  2. sam alex says:

    The sheep love it, what a way for the Ma-asses to die.

  3. This is so very evil, wicked and twisted…sad.??

  4. mikem987 says:

    People I've known who were into WWE, seemed to be under a spell, and would a lot of times imitate the moves and get borderline violent…The fans seem to become caracuters of the so-called "sheeple" the elite view themselves ruling over. It's probably symbolic of some of the barbaric things that go on at those cloning centers that b.o.b mentions.

  5. Believe in Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!!!

  6. wwf wcw wwe whatever it is nowadays is satanic i no this from when i was a kid back in late 90s seein the things they wud do 4 view the things they said was evil!! Thanks 4 sharing!!

  7. John Luck says:

    Your name reminds me of Donald Marshall and the Vrill

  8. Hi great video and work we appreciate your videos

  9. Michael Deth says:

    Fantastically disgusting! These NWO boys go all out, and leave nothing to chance, thereby boosting production values! All kidding aside, this is rather a bit disturbing…

  10. I went to wrestlemania and that came out at the end I kinda agree that is sort of illuminati but I was sitting at the very front so that kind of creeped me out

  11. is wwe omg not the illuminate


  13. reader24 says:

    female wrestler chyna died today!!! she hated vince mcmahon with a passion.

  14. reader24 says:

    singer prince died also.

  15. She is wearing leather pants.

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