WWK3 #05 Aircraft Carrier & VTOL – World War K in Kerbal Space Program


This week World War K 3 in Kerbal Space Program are a MechJeb Battleship headed for the KSC and build an aircraft carrier and VTOL fighters to defend !


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  1. e reason why most VTOLs don't usually do vertical take-off is because of the extortionate amount of fuel it takes in order to achieve that.

  2. I was hoping that at 12:26 you'd say "You sunk my battleship!"… Yes I know it's an Aircraft Carrier but a battleship is usually the largest ship in a fleet and in this case it was the Aircraft Carrier. Anyways, deep down I knew he wasn't because he wasn't smart enough (Actually the opposite but still it's easier to get a response saying otherwise) to make that joke but… Oh well.

  3. Smiley Zockt says:

    Im impressed by the plane design, but what about an armed maverick osprey? It is much more versatile in my opinion. But the thing would be build around the guns then, and the engines would be hard to do…

  4. some rat says:

    "These fighters" no, just no

  5. dean woods says:

    what mod aloud the aircrafts to follow you

  6. leo garavito says:

    Why didnt you use an aircraft carrier mod like robbaz did when he built his.

  7. You could've crashed the drone in to it

  8. david ward says:

    Aircraft carriers are not easy to sink they have a 100 mile circle around them with nuclear submarines destroyers battleships and crusers

  9. what were the mods that u used

  10. +EnterElysium What mod was used to make the squadron?

  11. You really should use Squid landing gears if you build another of these. Squid gears stick to surfaces and I believe its toggleable, so it might be cleaner than just putting up the front gears

  12. Don't froget about the Bismark

  13. JJ Lervold says:

    RED 1,RED 3, nooooo

  14. Dylan Taylor says:

    I am hopeful that you will make more

  15. was the voices put in post?

  16. john210865 says:

    YES thank you elysium ive been using that quiztech mod but my install crashed and got corrupted and i couldnt remember what the mod i didnt have the second time was and now i do. thank you.

  17. that date that you posted Apr 18, 2015 thats my bd

  18. Why dont modders make a mod for aircraft carriers that have Cat shots and arresting cables? It would be so cool to have.

  19. LigerBans says:

    Wrong again about modern warfare EnterElysium, wrong again.

    Aircraft carriers provide critical aerial assets during conventional war. You don't need to land in another country and set up an airbase, you can have an F/A-18 Super Hornet take down a destroyer with an LRASM-B missile easily. Not only that but provide missile defensive systems like the F-14 Tomcats did.

    Yes they are vulnerable, but the aircraft fleet can carry out all of its defenses and offenses better than any destroyer can.

  20. Corrections, the Japanese had already committed to the Pearl Harbour attack before Taranto and while they did send observers to find out what lessons could be learnt from it, they were already deep in planning their own attack. The Fairey Swordfish did not enter service until 1936, not 1918 and it was never a fighter. While it may have been obsolete by the outbreak of war, it was still a good torpedo bomber that could take a lot of punishment from flack before going down.

    An interesting side note is that as far back back as the first world war there were proposals to launch torpedo bomber attacks on the German fleet in harbour using Sopwith Cuckoo torpedo bombers.

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