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  1. Bob Cylon says:

    N3 Fearporn. This is too stupid.

  2. its like watching super bowl !

  3. old bag says:

    keep British troops out of other people's countries and that includes NATO we need our army 2 protect it's own people from the Invasion of England which is happening right now and there will be Jihad on our streets so we need our army in England not somewhere they're not meant to be so even if they have to disobey orders then so be it I will hold nothing against them 4 it after all there my kin and I hold them in highregards and respect unlike our own government which is full of dumb s*** scum bags

  4. Muskateering says:

    Is this you narrating Gary?

  5. DAN NEWMAN says:

    Take China about a week across LAND to get to the conflict, Russian same thing in two days.

  6. Liam West says:

    Lols how can anyone take this video seriously with that shit house music in the background??? Anyway I don't think they would take the time to speak out on nationwide TV that there having a NATO exercise every time they have one….

  7. if the are with small military no big deal.

  8. M Kaafi says:

    How do you know its WW3?

  9. After the collapse of the Soviet Union NATO should have been dissmanteled. Now NATO has become an offensive arm of US hegamony as showen in the Balklands it has broken promisses about encroachment toward Russia and its actions in Lybia were criminal against international law. In short fuck NATO and its warmongering master the US.

    • Archie1954 says:

      NATO should have invited Russia to join it. Russia is now a nascent democracy with a strong and intelligent president. It is also a Christian nation and has a capitalist economy. Just why is it being vilified by the US and its puppets? I don’t understand NATO’s goals.

  10. ice9 says:

    Gary can you please give us your source for this (as long as it isn't your "secret sauce").

  11. Bigg Phill says:

    what a joke. All of these forces will disappear in a instant if they keep fikkin with Russia. I am sic of our country stirring trouble everywhere. The sad part is all the idiotic puppets willing to get their people and country killed following the US and UK

  12. 36'000 training for WWIII? Really? Wow. Against 140,000 Syrians, 500'000 Iranians, 800,000 Russians and well over 1,000,000 Chinese. If I were Putin, I would be pissing in my pants……WITH LAUGHTER! HA HA HA HA HA! I hope that isn't all of their plan. This isn't Desert Storm, where they are fighting people who haven't eaten for several days and only have three bullets left in their guns. Russia isn't going to be using Tanks, planes, and anti- aircraft weapons from WWII like Saddam did either.
    I think the punk bullies from America and Europe should stay home on this one, Or plan on coming home in body bags.
    If American soldiers want to fight for freedom, maybe they should come home and march on the White House. I would march beside them for that. If we could overthrow the corrupt Zionist who have hijacked our government and destroyed this country; Then stay home and quit fighting these corrupt wars of aggression, the whole world would become a better place, and in time, we could restore dignity and pride and become a truly great nation again.
    Just say no to the Zionist N.W.O. agenda and say yes to morals, principals, freedom and liberty.

  13. lube up and prepare thy anus for WWW3

  14. If this is true, OH MY GOD! Where did you get this from?We need another WAR, like we need a case of POLIO. No one is attaching us. Their is no good reason for us to be in WORLD WAR 3. The wrong people suffer. I will have to get back on Facebook and write some nasty letters to our leaders ,and find some protests.

  15. Mae Peras says:

    Virgin Mary already said God will use Russia to punish the world(NATO) on her appearence in Fatima…So i wouldnt mess with Russia

  16. Russia isn't the problem, the invading muslim migrant hordes are!

    Yes send off all your fighting men to die in another pointless European war, while the muslims rape your women and burn your homes.

    Pathetic, I hope Russia steamrolls them, and takes Europe. Clearly nobody is thinking properly on that stupid continent.

  17. CMPUNKLV says:

    If You Want Peace, Prepare for War!

  18. poor fellows looking for enemies to engage so the money people can make big profits at their expense then theirs families at homes who can barely make it around the world due to no jobs or have a job but it dont pay much because they regulate the index of price so to grab more nice people

  19. WW3 will only begin if and when NATO starts it.  Russia has no interest in America.  Those war mongering grubs like to thing everything is about them but really?  America propaganda about Russia but at the same time there planning to sale into China's disputed 20nm of water in the Sth China Sea.  Don't worry about an international court, the UN or Sanctions – send your fleet and start another war you blood lusting fools.

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