You’re in the Illuminati


Make sure that you have an Infant with you before you watch this! Check these out: • Twitter: • Second Channel: …


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  2. Notice how he has a picture of the dragonborn as his profile picture? In skyrim the dragonborn can join the dark brotherhood! Dark brotherhood confirmed? Also if you look closely he has a green shirt.

  3. Will Brack says:

    It's so obvious! I never knew I was in the illuminati!!!

  4. Erin Widjaja says:

    youre the illuminati!!!!

  5. I love how he took down the video.

  6. The kid is repeating and you are repeating also i have a theory that you are the leader of the illuminati and you are the only biggest illuminati youtuber theorist you are only making videos to distract us that we will not think that u are not a part of the illuminati. that I proved that you are a part from the illuminati. make a video to prove im in the illuminati if u cant prove it u r the leader of the illuminati.

  7. Sx5Killer says:

    That dude definitely is in the illuminati is the funny thing. For once a video was somewhat logical, even though I still love the funny ones

  8. im in the illuminati and im only 13 and… I MEAN I'm not illuminati YES not at all.

  9. #Peladophobian Do a video "Peladophobian is Illuminati"

  10. You iilumanti because your a hunman # GET ReKt

  11. gemmeix says:

    Do Twaimz is illuminati

  12. I think I sign up for the side men

  13. Jo Mp says:

    I am illuminati 

  14. people think that this 13 yo kid living with his parents is illuminatie xD

  15. Ahmad Shreim says:

    0:42 "of…. THE ILLUMINATI"

  16. im 11 and i am in the illuminati… ???????????

  17. Allen Yumul says:

    fuck this video

  18. Lottie Rose says:

    If talking about the illuminati makes you part of the illuminati, then you qualify. Just saying.

  19. TonoRandom says:

    I'm 12 and I may or may not be in the illumanati

  20. Yuval Gino says:

    Isn't that just clever for a person who is freaking 13?

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