YouTube BANNED – Project for New American Century (“PNAC”) – 4 of 7


YouTube BANNED – Project for New American Century (“PNAC”) – 4 of 7

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This clip needs to be seen in order to analyse the information in the clip and for the same to be seen in context.

Any Attorney/Lawyer worth “his/her salt” must analyse forensically the WHOLE body of evidence – having undertaken the same – understands who were the perpetrators of 9-11-2001 (2+0+0+1=3).
Read the Project For the New American Century (“PNAC”) – there is set out in BLACK + WHITE – after it is carefully REaD [Part V, page 51] the perpetrators were prepared to MURDER 3,000+ GOOD US citizens.

The architects of the PNAC Plan saw 911 not as EVIL but as “GOOD” – the OPPORTUNITY to put their [EVIL] plan into action. Understand their 2 (two) fold connection to the US “Shadow” Government – (Senior) FM + “JZ”.

Understand that if WTC7 [which was NEVER hit by any plane] came down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION – then WTC1 + WTC2 ALSO came down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

READ the [Fairy Story] Official Report of 911 – NO mention in any of its pages of the key piece of evidence – Building 7 – WTC7.
CUI BONO? ie Who was to Benefit?
Who had the Means?
Who had the Motive?
Who had the Opportunity?
Those who are NOW handsomely rich – many with DUAL Nationality [i) FM + ii) JZ].
A WAR by the select few against the many US citizens + ALL World citizens.

Question the very expensive PRIVATE MAINSTREAM (Manipulating) MEDIA – to whom do THEY owe their TRUE ALLEGIANCE – certainly not to US PATRIOTIC citizens.

Understand the ILLUMINATI (ie Senior Freemasonry).
Barry JENNINGS informed us ALL there were EXPLOSIVE CHARGES placed throughout WTC7 – commensurate with bringing WTC7 down [“PULL IT” (that Larry SILVERSTEIN referred to)] by means of Controlled Demolition.

The EVIDENCE of its vertical fall into its own footprint – seeing explosive charges going off at each floor + substantial dust egressing ALL classic signs of CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.

April GALLOP (DoD employee) informed us there was NO airplane that went into the PENTAGON – it was a MISSILE – April GALLOP was there – in the PENTAGON.

The 911 Official Report is a Telling Tragic TRAITOROUS act put together by those who have a PRIVATE Interest that egregiously CONFLICTS with their PUBLIC DUTY to be:

ALL the PATRIOTIC firefighters attending asserted there were EXPLOSIVE charges placed throughout WTC1 + WTC2 + WTC7 buildings – for them to come down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION.
1. There were NO planes that crashed through WTC7 on 9-11 – 2001 [3]
2. There were NO planes that crashed through WTC1 on 9-11 – 2001 [3]
3. There were NO planes that crashed through WTC2 on 9-11 – 2001 [3]
4. There were NO planes that crashed through the PENTAGON on 9-11 – 2001 [3]
5. There were NO planes that crashed through SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania on 9-11 – 2001 [3]

Note the highly significant OCCULTIC numbering – the date was chosen with great particularity [linking to Symbolism of Senior Freemasonry [ie the “ILLUMINATI”]
Note the highly symbolic Occultic ritual [to BEL – the Satanic Ritual Blood Sacrifice – bowing before the CinC – “The PET GOAT” – Baphomet – the name of the book that was very carefully chosen before the 911 Photo-Op that beamed out to the World.

Silence for 7 symbolic minutes (3+4)] in the Emma E. BOOKER Elementary School in Sarasota, Texas [the State whose Governor just happened to be J.E.BUSH on 911-2001. [He was covered by “SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY” as C-in-C of Florida on 911-2001 – having declared a State of Emergency that day – elder brother was also protected by the same legal doctrine that day – but such a doctrine can be WAIVED in the event of TRAITORS + CRIMES Against HUMANITY by EVIL men].

Tragically many GOOD people NEVER did understand what was going on or the EVIL significance of all the components linked very carefully to the Occult/ (Senior) FREEMASONRY/ SATANISM.


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