Yusef What Are You Doing??!!-Heartfelt Message to the New Arrivals-What is Spirituality??


Discussion of recent behavior regarding the YouTube Channel, Duality, Dark Energy Forces, Kim Kardashian, Mary Magdalene, spirituality.


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  1. I love your spiritual teachings Yusef. Thank you for your time and for your effort in trying to help us to awaken. I admire your honesty and enjoy listening to you, thanks.

  2. Tiffany S. says:

    Hey Yousef, I totally understand the dilemma here. It's "go time" and some people still don't even have their boots laced up! I just wanna say, in your endeavor to feed the babes milk, don't forget about those of us who are ready for solids. ? I'm only in my twenties, but like you I'm ready to graduate! I would hate for you to sit on your pearls too long waiting for the younger crew (in mindset, not age) to catch up. That's just my 2 cents, I know that you know what's best for your vision. I appreciate you and your commitment to the fam!

  3. star light says:

    See God in everyone, when you hurt someone you hurt part of yourself / God.
    God is inside Kim Kardashian.

  4. J. Richard says:

    To those attacking Yusef, he's trying to make you think not just about the new world around you, but yourself, and the kind of person you are, and want to be. Come together, we are stronger together than we are apart.

  5. People appear to be born with different levels of evolved consciousness. I realized this in my teens, I am almost 50 now and it fascinates me still…. Some just 'know…..' and some are 'oblivious…' I feel like I am in this world (often against my will!) but I am not off it…. didn't need the big job, the big house or any kind of fuss ……I have done my bit and worked hard but all I ever needed were good and interesting people… and boy… they have been hard to find. The love I have for my child and the love I receive in return has been the only saving grace. I have no desire to come back and live another life… in fact, I will point blank refuse. These are my true feelings. Is it just me or do any others truly feel the same way?

  6. ROBERT WOOD says:

    bootcamp it up,,, too many momma notes getting them out OF class

  7. Fox Gal says:

    I have been on spiritual quest and tracking these dark energies, and Some times I find myself cutting though the BS how ever is necessary though what ever concept and opinions is being used. since those are unique to individual , I have never said the popular thing in life, why start now! Looking forward to what you come to innstanding of what Spiritual quest has been for you and then bring them in balance with Thought, body and soul. So we really can unfold who we really are here. Breaking down few walls to do it I am all for! Wholeness!

  8. Fox Gal says:

    Oh I just thought of this, I didn't re act to you videos the past day I watch the reactions I feel you on this one but that did not stop me, . I was curious where you were going with them I waited until you unfolded them. Pretty Cool. I didnt realize the skill I picked up way back when from one of my teachers about the talking stick, if someone had the stick clear the mind, and how not to let the mind go into duality when someone is speaking, if you do you miss so much . Anyone can try this in there every day life give it shot!

  9. The New Arrival, I don't deny that Light and Dark work hand in hand, but there needs to be some kind of balance. The Dark still need to be stopped from raping Mother Earth and her inhabitants. They continue to spiral out of control, not only throwing everything in nature OUT OF BALANCE, but VIOLATING THE FREE WILL OF OTHERS, as well; So yes, there still IS a necessary battle of Light vs Dark, taking place. That's all

  10. Amen! Amen! Amen!

    But that duality- there is a distinction between judgment and discernment. The dark energetic forces are real. It's not an "us vs. them", but more like a tip of the hat acknowledging what is. I've been particularly challenged with "trolls" and how to balance between recognizing the Divine within them, while not tolerating threats, slander, mockery, and spiritual/emotional abuse. I am way past saying, "I am learning from this." So what to do with that? It's my struggle too. To love to death, or to get out the swords and start sharpening?

    And I so feel you about the graduating thing. I am so exhausted. No idea. Exhausted. I'm ready. Please.

  11. JB says:

    Plato's allegory of the cave. Look that up. Please do. It'll all make sense and you'll feel better.

    What people hate is the "meme" of Kim Kardashian etc, not the actual person. I hope. The empty memes are just shadows and echoes from the allegory of the cave.

  12. much respect. peace and love to ya brother

  13. robmarz1 says:

    I do not feel that you are rushing them because now is the time.

  14. Phil C says:

    Hi Yusef, I kind of stood back on the last few of your posts, not because i disagree with anything you said, but i wasn't sure i could contribute anything not all ready said, my fault for not jumping in i guess. i agree with the need to take the the good with the bad, love everyone, not just those we agree with or reflect our prejudices. The native Turtle islanders (native Americans) believed we have to 'walk in balance' that is a fine line along the path of positive and negative. I often wonder if Hitler and Stalin and all those who became evil, if they had been given love when they were children, that they would have never gone the way that they did. the sanscrit people produced the Yin Yang spiral, where each interlocking spiral has at its heart the center of the other. I read an interesting book some time ago, that said, far from being a hoare, Mary Magdalen was not only Jesus' chosen mate, but she was also the disciples greatest and most knowledgeable teacher and was even Jesus' teacher. As to her original profession being a prostitute, i am not sure, but there is some evidence to suggest this was a much later addition to the story as the all male priests did not want to have an unclean woman as a great teacher. Personally i think she was probably ostracized by zealot religious practices of the time, which forbade any woman from even entering the inner sanctum of the temple. So perhaps to label her a prostitute was the prevalence of misogynistic priests and their attempts to reduce her in the bible to an 'also ran' like the similar damning of Judas who may have well been specially chosen by Jesus to carry out the role of betrayer to fulfill the prophesy. As you say love everyone, we don't know the real truth about each other, how can we possibly judge anyone else when we are so flawed ourselves?

  15. D Abbott says:

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  18. Doug Booms says:

    Share Your Truth Yusef! Just speak it…don't hold back because you feel some will oppose it. Let others decide for themselves if they resonate or not. You will reach those who are ready and will have at least planted a seed of an idea into those that oppose what you speak. They may come around, eventually, or they may not…but that is their choice. In holding back from speaking Your Truth, you are withholding your true authentic self from humanity and limiting the opportunity for others to make their choices. Be You Brother! Keep doing your videos, keep speaking Your Truth! Your words are helping others to find what does or doesn't resonate within their true core infinite nature. Keep it going! Thanks for sharing Your Truth!

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