Zaid Hamid – Dawn Documentary – Conspiracy Theorists – Part 2



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  1. Ghayyas Awan says:

    paracha ki maaa ko choodon….
    iss ki shakal py hi lanat pari hoi ha…..kuuty ka bacha…

  2. Ghayyas Awan says:

    paracha behn chod…..iss ki shakal py hi lanat pari hoi ha.

  3. Ghayyas Awan says:

    zaid hamid…I SALUTE YOU….I CAN SEE A MARDE MOMIN inside you…
    pakistan paindabad

  4. kickassdj says:

    Sugar + Milk = Sweet, but that doesn't change the fact that sugar and milk are different. Truth (some) + false = make looks false as truth. Their is no bhramn elite in India, for FACT, India is ruled my majority of NON-Bhraman (elite), know first. PM,President today is sikh, as you say dalit lady. This isn't joke. Even when I go out of house I know the fact that politics isn't ruled by bhramn elite. I myself isn't bhramn.

  5. kickassdj says:

    Not just that Ziad Hamid is just doing igniting job for Indian peoples, which isn't good. Every person have limits to listen false information, this will only reduce good feel about other who is doing that and who is beliving that. As Ziad allowed in pakistani media we can say pakistanies beliving that (may not all). What it will end up is bad relations in possible way on both side, more problems for pakistan only.

  6. There are so mant proves given by U.S. ask red cap bastard to recheck or i can do for him.

  7. I can talk about baloochistaan , waziristaan sindh are dominated by punjabi peoples. Who has given him rights to speak in internal matters of India, Tamil issue what is Tamil did he know that, shudra dalit are no more minorities they are enoying special status in India, Indian govt gave them reservations in govt job. He should only say about pakistan that's it. Laugh on this red cap joker

  8. we'r indeed hitting them where it hurts most 😉 ! hehe nadeem tamacha is one example 🙂 !
    that idot(nadeem) needs to look into 9 11 , saying it's a conspiracy makes him the most stupid analyst alive 😛 WTC7 debunk that u ignorant bafoon !

  9. tcua8 says:

    i have absolutely no doubt that Zaid hamid smokes a lot of cheap afgan pot

  10. veechar says:

    He is living in 16th century

  11. paresh373 says:

    he reading and speaking

  12. Total reality about Mind control he projected !!

  13. Salute u sir

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