Zionist Run Media Aggressively Push Absurdly Ridiculous Anti-Russian Propaganda


There is currently a massive effort by the Zionist media complex to embarrass and discredit Russia at almost every turn.  As of late, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin has been more aggressively opposing Zionist agendas and successfully foiled plans for an American led military invasion of Syria.  The media bias against Russia is so transparently obvious that it has actually become incredibly entertaining to watch.  Some of the propaganda is so ridiculously absurd that it more easily passes for comedy instead of news.

Zionist Run Media Aggressively Push Absurdly Ridiculous Anti-Russian Propaganda

Let’s start off with the corporate media’s propagation of terror plot warnings allegedly targeting the Winter Olympics in the Russian city of Sochi.  One of the stories being covered has to do with a supposed Department of Homeland Security warning to airliners claiming that terrorists might hide explosives in toothpaste tubes on flights headed to Sochi.  No proof or evidence has been provided suggesting that this is a real possibility.  The whole thing appears to be made up as there isn’t even anything published on the Department of Homeland Security’s website showing any information about these supposed toothpaste tube bomb plots.  What will they come up with next?  Will we see Homeland Security bulletins proclaiming that terrorists plan to attack us with exploding dildos?  This is actually a serious question based off of their track record of promoting some of the most ridiculous terror plot warnings one can imagine.  After all, they’ve already issued a warning about terrorists potentially using breast bombs in attacks.

Another story which was featured on Erin Burnett’s CNN show claimed that the Winter Olympics could be targeted by female suicide bombers.  They even used the ridiculous term “Black Widows 2.0” to describe a so-called new breed of female suicide bombers.  Much like the toothpaste tube bomb scenario there is also no hard evidence indicating that this potential terrorist threat is real.  It is just conspiracy theory propaganda being pushed out by the federal government and parroted by these media outlets.  Burnett even interviewed the stooge Congressman Mike Rogers who chairs the House’s Intelligence Committee to try and give legitimacy to this bull shit.  This guy is notorious for parroting all sorts of nonsensical terror threat propaganda on cable news and unfortunately it looks as if he’s still at it.


They’ve even tried to make a big deal out of a highly intoxicated Ukranian man on a Turkish bound flight saying that he was trying to hijack the plane so it could be flown to Sochi.  Really?  It sounds like the guy was just drunk.

These bogus terror plots do have a few purposes considering it has given the United States an excuse to park a couple of Navy warships in the Black Sea outside of Sochi.  After all, they might have to rescue all the American athletes if a terrorist attack occurs.  The propaganda also gives people the impression that the Russian hosted games might not be safe despite the fact that athletes and other attendees have said otherwise.

On top of the bogus terror plot propaganda the Zionist media outlets have been running stories for days complaining about unfinished hotel accommodations and other alleged issues at Sochi.  It is one thing to run a few stories documenting some of the shortfalls but the amount of negative press on Sochi from American media is sounding more like senseless whining and bitching from spoiled Western journalists.  Take in point the focus by these organizations over one of the Olympic rings not lighting up during the opening ceremony.  Many who watched it described it as a wonderful event but instead of focusing in on the positive aspects these douche bags have decided to make a huge deal out of one of the Olympic rings not lighting up.  Why would these news outlets make such a big deal out of something so insignificant unless they had an agenda to intentionally embarrass Russia?  It is totally ridiculous.

We’ve also seen an additional propaganda piece from NBC claiming how easy it is for people to get hacked as soon as they arrive in Sochi. The piece has been widely criticized as misleading and fraudulent by a number of people including a security expert who described NBC’s report as whiny.

There’s even been a ton of coverage on a comment supposedly made by Dmitry Kozak who is Russia’s point man for Olympic preparation.  Paraphrasing he allegedly told the press that they had security footage of people leaving their showers on attempting to sabotage the Olympics.  Immediately hundreds of stories were published about how the Russians have cameras spying on people in the showers.  This comment had to have been either a misunderstanding, a misquote or a mistranslation because nobody has provided any documented evidence that there are really cameras in the hotel showers.  Kozak was likely referring to cameras that were installed during the construction phase of these hotels or cameras setup in common areas of these buildings.  It’s funny how these same so-called journalists won’t raise nearly as much fuss over the countless privacy issues and Fourth Amendment violations that occur regularly in the United States.  It just shows what a joke they are.

Of course there’s also been a big deal made out of a Russian law that outlaws homosexual propaganda being targeted towards children.  The Zionist media have gone out of their way to make this law a central issue leading up to the start of the Sochi Olympics.  Even though Russia does not have any real laws that persecute homosexuals, the Zionists have used this law to label Putin and Russia as unfriendly towards homosexuals.  These are lies because the law simply states that it is illegal to target children with gay propaganda.  Although one could argue about the necessity of such a law, one could also argue that this makes for a better situation than what currently exists in the United States.  In America, Jewish run Hollywood film and television studios continually target our children with all sorts of sexual degeneracy and filth.  For years, homosexuality and bi-sexuality have been heavily promoted as a trendy lifestyle choice most notably by MTV and other cable channels.

It is also important to note that there are other countries around the world where homosexuality is punishable by long prison sentences or even death but we don’t see a whole lot of talk about that.  There are even states in America that still have anti-gay laws on the books.  Surely there should be more outrage directed towards these states and countries over the issue of homosexuality than Russia.  Since there isn’t, the agenda at play becomes fairly obvious.

There’s also the on-going fiasco surrounding the Russian extremist protest group called Pussy Riot.  They were formed in 2011 as a group of young women that stage bizarre sometimes degenerate musical performances in unusual places that protest the policies of Putin.  In 2012, three of the group’s members were arrested and charged with hooliganism as a result of their protest activities in a Moscow church.  They were eventually sentenced to two years in prison.  Even though this shouldn’t have been a big story the Zionist run media in the West made sure it was turned into international news.   Amnesty International the highly questionable alleged human rights organization has even gotten behind their cause.  Eventually the Pussy Riot members were all released with two of them Nadia Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina recently appearing on the Colbert Report just in time for the Sochi Olympics.  Not surprisingly both of them have called for an outright boycott of the games and have denounced Putin through the media platforms they’ve been covered on.  Although both of them are said to no longer be members of Pussy Riot they recently appeared at an Amnesty International concert and were introduced by Madonna.

Could it be any clearer that this whole Pussy Riot business is nothing more than an operation specifically designed to harass and embarrass Putin?  How is it possible that such a small group would get this much international media attention right before the Sochi Olympics without extensive connections?   They are either working for the CIA or another intelligence organization that has an agenda to discredit Russia.  Their connections with Amnesty International should also raise a number of questions considering that this group has been accused of having links to both British Intelligence and the CIA.  Historically, Amnesty International has also been criticized for having a close alignment with American and British interests which is no surprise considering they are likely linked to either American or British intelligence in some way.  Even stranger is the fact that Amnesty International was founded by a man with direct Jewish lineage by the name of Peter Benenson who was actually a distant relative of the Rothschild family.  Needless to say there are plenty of questions about the true agenda of both Pussy Riot and Amnesty International.

Possibly the most absurd and ridiculous propaganda piece targeting Russia came out of ESPN2 on Keith Olbermann’s show.   Olbermann dedicated roughly over six minutes painting the Russians as evil dog killers.  Apparently the Russians have been rounding up stray dogs around Sochi in preparation for the Olympics with some of the dogs being put to death.  This is not a whole lot different than what happens here in the United States with many stray cats and dogs that end up in shelters.  When the Russians do it though, they’re evil inhumane dog killers according to Olbermann.  It is pointless to try and further describe how ridiculous and over the top the piece is so you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

To conclude, it is obvious that the Zionist media complex is going out of their way to do everything they can to embarrass Putin and Russia.  This is not a defense of Putin or Russia but it is clear that the media coverage of Russia by these propaganda peddlers has been completely biased and agenda driven.  All of this is happening at the same time that we see the United States blatantly interfering in the internal affairs of the Ukraine which is not only a former member of the Soviet Union but also a Russian border country.  Perhaps these media organizations should start giving that story a little more scrutiny instead.

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  1. ravenmaven says:

    I no longer watch the zio pig slop “news”
    I’m rutin’ for Putin’ …lol

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    I stopped watching Zionist propagandist media years ago. Tired of the excessive commercials. The Christmas buy my crap Zionist based commercials. They push Christmas to sell Christmas toy trash for their personal wealth using Christians because of their stupidity.
    I made hand made toys and gave them to the kids. NO BATTERIES! The brat parents kids get noisy toys.

  3. John Cook says:

    It seems to me that this sort of propaganda campaigns are working less and less these days. More people are waking up and less people are watching the MSM – we are winning, but it still may be too slowly to stop them.

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