Zionists massacred Jews across the globe


Dr. Anisa Abd el Fattah
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Zionists are not only blamed by many Jewish rabbis and the Jews themselves for the atrocities carried out against Jews in Europe in the Holocaust.

Zionists massacred Jews across the globe

Zionist in Israel are also blamed for what is called a Holocaust that took place in what we know now as Israel, after the supposedly “Jewish” state and homeland for the Jews was established.

It is essential that we be familiar with this history, since it supports very strongly, the contention that Israel was not established to provide sanctuary for Jews, nor is it a Jewish homeland and has no interest in religion.

Zionist history and ideology suggests strongly that Zionism is a racist and atheist ideology that has exploited the Jewish identity and religion to gain access to Palestine. According to the leadership of Torah observant Jews, “treacherous Zionist leaders betrayed their own flesh and blood. Zionism was never an option for Jewish salvation.

Quite the opposite, it was a formula for human beings to be used as pawns for the power trip of several desperadoes. A perfidy! A betrayal beyond description!”

It began in 1943 when word of the suffering of Jews in Europe under Hitler reached the rest of the world. The Zionist organization had begun to take Jews from North Africa and Arabia to relocate to Palestine under the pretense of saving Jews, and to reinforce the image of Palestine as a sanctuary for the Jewish people who would gather there in the new homeland. The Jews of Yemen were evacuated in an operation called Magic Carpet. According to various reports, special emphasis was placed upon the young people of Yemen. They were sorted out, even prior to boarding the ships sailing to Palestine, in respect to their religiosity. Older children who were very knowledgeable about the Jewish faith and highly spiritual were separated from the other youngsters and were left behind and not allowed to emigrate. On a website named Torah Jews Against Zionism, the following is reported:

“When the Zionists distributed the certificates for immigration into Palestine, and several of the certificates were intended for adolescent children, the “educators” did not allocate the certificates to those they feared might exercise religious influence on other children. Of course, Rabbis Halberstam did not receive their certificates, and therefore they were compelled to remain in Teheran.”

The Jews of Yemen were known for their strong knowledge of Jewish laws and a tradition of true Torah Jewry. For this reason, Zionists made a special effort to carry out a campaign against them that was intended to “civilize” the Arab and especially the Yemeni Jews. This civilizing process, as explained in the testimonies of the victims, was little more than a campaign against Torah Jewry. The secular atheists Zionists did not want religion in Palestine. They wanted the land and the resources and had no need for people even of the Jewish faith who did not share their ambition. As was made clear in statements made by the Grand Rebbe Teitelbaum as well as other orthodox rabbis, the concept of Zionism was considered a heresy in the eyes of Torah observant Jews. It is also important to know that Arab Jews were willing to leave their host countries in the Muslim world, only because of the intense anti-Arab propaganda that the Zionists advanced for this very purpose. To understand the Zionist Holocaust against the Jews of Yemen, one must read the testimonies of those who experienced the tragedy. These testimonies were taken from the Web Site Torah Jews against Zionism.

Testimony#1: Aboard Ship

“When the Zionists distributed the certificates for immigration into Palestine, and several of the certificates were intended for adolescent children, the “educators” did not allocate the certificates to those they feared might exercise religious influence on other children. Of course, Rabbis Halberstam did not receive their certificates, and therefore were compelled to remain in Teheran.

During the voyage a vicious campaign against the Jewish religion was organized. The climax was the throwing away into the ocean yarmulkes that the children wore. Many of them refused, and their caps were taken away by force. One can imagine the chilul HaShem, the resultant desecration of G-d’s Name, when the captain of the ship gave an order to fish up the caps from the sea, and to return them to the children.”

Testimony #2: At Atlith

“Upon arrival in the Holy Land the children had to stay at the government camp in the settlement of Atlith for several days. Through much effort the Zionist Youth Aliyah authorities agreed that for these few days kosher food should be served, and the Shabbos (Sabbath) should be observed according to tradition. But here again no change of heart of the so-called educators took place. In their insolence, they walked around the camp with lighted cigars in front of all the Jewish children on Shabbos. On this Shabbos, the representatives of the Jewish Agency arrived in Atlith, and they traveled around in automobiles. The lists of the children were of course written down on Shabbos, and the delegates of the so-called “Jewish” Agency listed on this holy Shabbos day the names of 1,090 Jewish children and adults.

Also in Atlith, when the morning service lasted a little longer, the inspectors announced that they would punish the children by denying them food. But this decree could not be put into effect, because they wanted to hide the facts from the representatives of the Agudath Israel Organization who spent this Shabbos in the camp with the children.”

Testimony #3: At the Camps in the Zionist State

“From Atlith the children were brought to 14 different camps in the country. Not a single camp of those proposed even by Agudath Israel was accepted. Among the 120 educators five of Agudath Israel were accepted. Most of the other leaders were of the virulently anti-religious Hashomer Hatzair movement and other similar groups of outspoken atheists and desecrators of the Jewish faith.

The representatives of Agudath Israel intended to inform the children that the boys celebrating their bar mitzvah at the age of 13 should be given tefillin (phylacteries), but the leadership of the camp prohibited this announcement until permission from Youth Aliyah could be procured. This permission from Youth Aliyah was granted on condition that none of the religious leaders should direct the distribution lest he exercise a religious influence on the children with respect to the commandment of putting on the tefillin each morning.

When even the Zionist Chief Rabbi Herzog visited some of the camps and spoke to the children, some of the women-educators approached him and asked, “Who allowed you to come here and speak?”

One of the girls was asked to sew on Shabbos. When she refused, the leaders first tried to convince her, but when she remained firm they told her, “rest assured that we shall slowly educate you not to maintain such follies.”

When the children came to the camp, the “educators” requested them to remove their hats. On Friday evenings, musical concerts were held.

One of the “educators” led a group of children to show them the ruins of Jerusalem: When they came to the Western Wall, this teacher said: “This wall is standing for about 2,000 years. Its height is 11 meters. Each stone is two meters and some of them are one meter. After this “important” information, he began to leave with the children. At this moment a youngster from Jerusalem burst forth with the exclamation, “no, this is not only an ancient wall, but it is the remnant of the ancient Temple where Jews have come to pour out their tears before G-d.” When the children heard this, they suddenly turned their eyes to the wall and began weeping, and they called for books of Psalms (Tehillim) and poured out before G-d the entire tragedy of their life from the moment they were separated from their holy parents.”

These testimonies show clearly that there was never an intent to establish a religious “Jewish” homeland in Palestine for all Jews. There are also other facts that completely negate the false premises upon which Zionists have been allowed to illegally occupy and colonize Palestine, The world has likely been subjected to a very sophisticated, yet very sinister Zionist hoax.

When we count the cost of this hoax in lives, money, time and resources we get an idea of how serious the problem we are faced with really is. We should also ascertain from these facts that the present situation is no longer sustainable and that we are urgently in need of a solution that will result in the dismantlement of the Zionist political entity in Palestine. The UN must demand an investigation into the issue of persecution and Zionist Israeli Holocaust against the Jews of Yemen and Israel must be held accountable for this horrible and reprehensible crime. Many Yemeni children were kidnapped, adopted out to European families and even perhaps murdered, yet Israel has never been made to answer the charge of genocide against Yemen’s Jews or to account for the missing children.

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  1. Dan says:

    Zionist Elite financed both sides of WWII. They paid for the killing of their own people! There is nothing the greedy Elite Illuminati will not do for profit. Sell their own family members into sex slavery for a buck.
    Check out how they are tied into sex slavery and who runs the rings.

  2. claus doehring says:

    I wonder why nobody mentions the persons who orchestrated WW II and their responsibility for the death of 60 to 70 million people the biggest crime what ever happened. less we forget.

  3. DDearborn says:


    Most of the Jews that ended up in Palestine at the end of WWII came from Europe. Black/African Jews in Palestine in 1946 were few and far between. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were moved via trains not to death camps but to Palestine.

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