10 Mysteries of World War 2


There are still many unexplained things about World War 2 like where is Blutfahne and how is the Nagasaki Arch still standing? Subscribe to Talltanic …


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  1. Also, German pilots also saw Foo Fighters as well. Substantiated fact.

  2. It's nice to learn history.

  3. oooo, I made one mistake. At least I can pronounce words. That was the point. You must really lead one boring life to pick out one mistake.

  4. I want the blutfahne so bad. That'd be awesome.

  5. sdhjtge says:

    where is part 1??

  6. Der Korbi says:

    About the Amber Room. Here where I live (that's in Traunstein) has been searched for it because in the mountains are large mineshafts. It could be there but no one found it.

  7. Adolf Hitler says:

    I'm using that flag as my blankie

  8. The last one sounds a bit like Castle Wolfenstein

  9. maxime dlc says:

    love your vids mate

  10. jakub hronec says:

    well thanks USA for saving that nazi scum!

  11. Juan Lopez says:

    this makes me wanna play cod z

  12. Tom Britton says:

    It could of been a secret weapon or aliens! or another universe or this or that or this or even that, just stick to the facts, this video just becomes shit when you constantly say "it could be this" "maybe it was this!"

    But I know loads of morons will love this because they want aliens nad bullshit.

  13. Swag Vader says:

    amber room is from Poland because I live in Poland and I know this

  14. Amazing,interesting video!

  15. Gian Cawich says:


  16. Chris Warren says:

    Here is a mystery. Why is my dick so huge? It is 1.2 inches erect with a .25 inch girth. Yeah I know I am huge. But I don't know how or why I am so huge.

  17. #1 is called WEWELSBERG castle. pronounced veh-vels-berg
    I don't even know what the narrator said…

  18. Roger N says:

    fuck off with your alien conspiracy shit, go learn about the fermi paradox and then you will know why we will never meet a alien.

  19. You guys are awesome @talltanic

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