2014 Bible Prophecy Current Events Final Hour end times last days



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  1. Neelloc1973 says:

    Now that's a scary video

  2. Robert Burns says:

    I have been saying the same thing ever sense Obama became President, what really blows my mind is, it`s as if most Americans even some very well know end time preachers can`t see the signs. God said we would know the season, but it`s not just the U.S. people and Christians but Canada as well

  3. U2GO2 Heaven says:

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  4. Diana Prince says:

    the bible prophesies are about Israel and the middle east,not the U.S. ,where are the the frigging muslims,theyre surrounding israel,they are setting up the caliphate and turkey will be the one who heralds in the anti christ with the backing of the the fucking crazy muslims,but mecca will be blown sky high,and it will be by iran.. 

  5. Stop creating fear in Americans

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