4/7/08: Free Tibet Conspiracy, Zimbabwe, World War 3, ect.


Here is the weekly political overview by EIR’s Chief Counterintelligence Director, Jeffrey Steinberg for the week of 4/7/08. Visit http://www.LaRouchePac.com for …


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  1. onlytruth19 says:

    I've send the link to everyone in the group…

  2. jahprophet says:

    I'm going to have to watch this every week!

  3. zikay2005 says:

    This is a usual thing.
    If the torch relay is hold by USA,there could be more people protest and demonstrate in the passed cities.

  4. WTF This is absolute rubbish! China is no ally of the US, not after 1999 anyway! It wasn't the British who blew up the Chinese embassy!

    The Lisbon Treaty was put forward by country's other than Britain. We were essentially the last to sign.

    This sounds like the US is terrified of a strong Europe. But seriously, its never going to happen! People in Britain are so opposed to joining Europe that it'll take another few decades to pull off.

    Where the hell is this guys proof anyway?

  5. jahprophet says:

    I believe the term was "traditional ally", and in an anti-colonial US, China would be. They were in FDR's four powers configuration.

    The British orchestration of the Lisbon Treaty is clear as day. Beyond the obvious Casus Belli, this has been the policy of the financial intrests in the post war period. By British it is often meant: International Financial Oligarchy which the British typify.

    Proof of what? A lot is said.

  6. hahaha this is great. We have seen the whites of your eyes, and you are going down.

  7. wasy35 says:

    this is heavy stuff, the world needs more love, stop all wars now. thanks for the vid.

  8. I was under the impression that the most powerful families in the world were US families. You know, the one's who are meant to run the world.

    Any proof you can give me would be impressive – and by proof I mean hard evidence, not 'logic' or 'creative reasoning'.

    As for the Lisbon Treaty, I don't see why its so threatening. Unless the idea of a united Europe with a higher population and GDP than the US is threatening.

  9. jahprophet says:

    That's a longer conversation than what can be fit into 500 characters. I recommend reading The New Dark Conspiracy by Carol White, then maybe The Anglo-American Establishment by Caroll Quigley, for a beginning investigation into the subject. That should at least get you started.

    And you clearly don't know much about the Lisbon Treaty either… there are some good articles on the subject on the site linked in the information on this video.

  10. yfh920 says:

    WWIII… horrible

  11. Bostonking8 says:

    Brits SUCKS!!! They want US to conflict with China. Euro is the biggest threat for the US dollar.

  12. Slavesrevolt says:

    As I see it we're all run by Puppetdents. America ceased to exist when it joined the UN, they just haven't told anybody, it's a Sekert.

    If the ants want to bring down the elephant we need to keep attacking it from all points and expose it all for what it is, the grand illusion.

  13. DMCpro6944 says:

    I know this, but what can we do about it??

  14. briankofke says:

    Wow! Sounds incredibly like our current system; Have money, your a God, poor, a slave to the God. What kind of work do you do? Do you cater to money Gods, or are you a money God yourself? The middle man will be gone soon.

  15. The biggest threat to the US dollar is the drug addict who is running the country. Wake up morons. Clean out the white house. Impeach, arrest, execute for crimes against the US and humanity.

  16. alrexrod198 says:

    i don't think this guy likes Britain too much

  17. google2com says:

    Thanks. I learned a lot from these videos.

  18. Maxuskrachus says:

    I dunno what u got the mins for you are totaly correct. The dumb thing about it is that the Euro is the currency brought in by the same ppl that run the Dollar. And concerning the british: Wake up people! They are a nice bunch but there slumbers evil amongst them, and i don't mean the usual british citizen. There are persons behind the throne who are higher than the king(Queen)himself.

  19. hanhan2100 says:

    Pretty good video. But a little monotonuous which can be improved by adding some related pictures when talking about sth.

  20. wedge0005 says:

    seriously wot dus this guy have against Britain. Who dusnt hate Zimbabwe. Mugabe is giving his ppl Cholera and has let his country go into hyperinflation. Also China is a bit evil,Theyve crushed Tibet and are supplying arms to the sudan who r using them for Genocide! not to mention this goes against every UN trade embargoethats been put in place to stop this happen!

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