7 Survival Tools For American Economic Armageddon


You survived the Great Recession almost intact and now Washington is playing chicken with the economy…what’s a good, hardworking American to do? Panic? Well, yes, but if losing your cool simply isn’t in the cards, it pays to be prepared. Sam Biddle of Gizmodo has compiled this handy list of things you might want to look into before the dollar goes of the way of the fit that didn’t hit the shan.


Right now, Bitcoin’s a pretty fringe internet phenomenon—unbacked digital currency used mostly by hackers and drug dealers. But if the dollar poops the bed, a decentralized currency untainted by political infighting could be just the ticket. Or the only ticket. Right now, the Bitcoin’s worth a little over $12 USD. Get in while the gettin’s good.


If you want something a little less risky than Bitcoin bullion, bricks of solid gold never go out of fashion. A debt ceiling collapse surely won’t change mankind’s obsession with shiny, heavy things. Gold bars like those sold by Monex are certified of both weight and purity, so you’ll have no trouble bartering for potable water, your life, or PS3 games. $1600/Oz

Pump-Action Shotgun

Which brings us to our next essential—something to put ammo inside of. Nothing says Looters, be gone like a pump-action shotgun. And since the US can’t afford to pay police anymore, vigilantism is going to be so chic—so get in on the action and defend your little castle with a giant gun, like the Remington 870 Wingmaster. $630

Full story at Gizmodo.

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