9/11 Loose Change Final Cut-Full Documentary


Watch the attached playlist for a full exposé of the events of 911, including significant information which shines new and amazing light on the cover up leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind who the culpable parties are.

Loose Change is a series of films released between 2005 and 2009 which pursue a theory of Government involvement in the 911 attacks on America. They investigate theories, and research evidence unsupportive of the Governments position. The films were written and directed by Dylan Avery and produced by Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas and Matthew Brown.

The original 2005 film was edited and re-released as Loose Change: 2nd Edition (2006), and then subsequently edited a third time for the 2nd Edition Recut (2007). Loose Change: Final Cut, deemed “the third and final release of this documentary series” was released on November 11, 2007.

Another version of the film, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, released on September 22, 2009, is narrated by Daniel Sunjata and distributed by Microcinema International.

Coverage of the film increased in 2006 with the recut release having airings on U.S. and European television stations and over 4 million views online in four months, leading Vanity Fair to say it could be the first internet blockbuster. Loose Change asserts that the usual account of the Pentagon attack, World Trade Center collapse and United 93 phone calls and crash is implausible and instead suggests the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation.
Please check out their website at http://www.loosechange911.com/


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  1. my fear is that all who has been pursuing the truth will end up giving up one day. Isn't there a law suite which can be filed to have whoever answer questions? Its so weird our government acts as if we don't have the right to know….but they make it seem like they are trying to protect the families from reliving that day. Why do people believe this? As our judicial system, when there has been a crime leading to death, they resolve it in court and all of the family is usually there wanting the answers and the closure. They are so full of it. They didn't allow any other murder suspect write a book and then respond to the families and witnesses by telling them, "to piss off, read the book….its all there.. Because i am not answering any unexpected questions". Why doesn't this upset more people is beyond me. I guess its much easier & safer to brush it off. sad.

  2. Jon Freeman says:

    im actually awaiting on evidence that say our government wasn't involved. .as of now i havent seen any..and the propaganda campaign (conspiracy theories) is a good campaign used by our government for more then 100 year's. .

  3. Jon Freeman says:

    you know i wonder. .even with all the proff and all the evidence we have today pointing to fowl play by our government on 911 if people still believe the official report..a blind man can see that this was set up by inside people…

  4. to Find out who did it… first follow the money Who got PAID..it's not that hard to figure it out..

  5. Rick Clark says:

    "The evil doers" are more sinister than anyome could fully comprehend. As of late, I have come to find such evil rooted in a govt I primarily had such faith in. smh

  6. ZeerosFate says:

    Is it time yet for sheep to address the fake news Mainstream news retroactively? No? Oh well go back to getting your "facts" from elites and their puppets.

  7. ZeerosFate says:

    Is it time yet for sheep to address the fake news Mainstream news retroactively? No? Oh well go back to getting your "facts" from elites and their puppets.

  8. Tim Doerksen says:

    Wht did they never try water bombers. All those choppers flying just trying to boost their ratings.

  9. Bryan Wilson says:

    I think that we all just need to say fuck work use our last paycheck for drugs and alcohol and just chill at home. I wonder how the government would function. I just want hot sex and some whiskey!!!

  10. I tried to talk to a man about the possibility of this events origins, having been different than we were told.And he lost his mind with "patriotic" anger- still a sensitive topic –

  11. One wonders what the 'elite' family powers will have in store for us next, it can only get worse. They have no emotion or compassion. Reptilian brains.

  12. The Law of the USA would be sufficient enough to sort this Mass murder by its own Government only the corrupt Double – Nationality Holders ruling everything will never let this happen, Proof is enough so, if one gets it there we will deliver all what's needed …

  13. Brian Cruz says:

    The firemen in New York City are COWARDS. They know the truth and they remain silent because they're afraid to lose their jobs. Shame on the NYFD and those responsible for 9/11. The firemen are no better than terrorists for not speaking up.

  14. linda lewis says:


  15. At the end of the day folks it matters not exactly how they did pull off this false flag, we need to agree that it was just that a false flag, then maybe we can really find out what happened, we all have a thesis on it, but agree it was utter utter nonsense, I think military grade nano thermite was used, elevator cleaning weeks before, and also an energy directed weapon, tritium found, bent beams at JFK airport, Hutchinson effect, i think it prob does go that deep, there's much evidence if you dig enough, how on earth they are still getting away with this is beyond the beyond, they've been getting away with it for eons!!!!!! Wakey wakey world

  16. The smoke is coming from dumpsters filled with scrap oil! Look at the available video of the area in front of the building wall. There is an enclosure with cable drums.Next to the drums are the dumpsters. The drums are standing upright.If a plane of any size had hit the building, it would have destroyed the cable drums! At 39:09 you get a better view of the enclosure and you can see some of the "Building work to strengthen the Pentagon against attack" was still going on. Looks like they are working in the roof space.

  17. What you can be sure of is that NONE of the alleged hijackers were on any plane involved in any way with the incidents of 9/11.Most have protested their innocence, not something you can do while entertaining 72 virgins in paradise!

  18. John Shaw says:

    You better get ready. They are going to attack you again.

  19. Mike Chladek says:

    straw man… you are helping the enemy

    everything you point out is straw man… stuff they want us to see

  20. And we wonder why ppl around the world hate us? We have killed hundreds of thousands of ppl around the globe which is all based on the lies of a corrupt US Gov! And thats not all they took that day..dont forget the 3000 innocent ppl that lost there lives in the demolitions of these 3 buildings. All the Gov's underground works was paid for with the trillions of dollars Rumsfeld said was missing! I have a feeling shit is really going to hit the fan real soon……Nuclear war! why do u think the underground was made in the first place? so they can rid themselves of US! cause they all think we are sub-human and dont deserve to live on the same planet with them. Every Politician and congress member is in on it! we need to round up every single one of them and hang them from a tree in the White House lawn for everyone to see. A revolution is needed cause every single one of them need to die a horrific death at our hands! we outnumber them at least a million to 1 and if we could get everyone on the same page it would be quite easy to achieve this goal and our country would stand a far better outcome if there were chimps running the show.
    There is a special place in Hell for all these ppl and its what they all deserve except for Gomer, Gowdy, Chaffetz, Kill the rest starting with Podesta and Pelosi, Hillary, Obama, all Rothschilds, Sorros, ect

  21. Baconator says:

    If you believe Susan Lindauer's Version of 9/11…
    That is just about the most fucked up information
    i have ever even fathomed in my entire existence.

  22. how stupid the american pepoel are hhhhhhhhhhhh bush lie too them …alcoholique pro pisreal …a jews zionists marionnette ..he.lie too stupid american pepoel imbecile all juste too kill sadam hocine …becoz he lance missile too pisreal reveange

  23. John DeF says:

    Those that believe the official story don't even have a clue as to the implications of what they are saying the buildings would never have been built if they couldn't withstand a plane impact in Manhattan they wouldn't of been able to get Insurance

  24. TheLance3185 says:

    I'm surprised Giuliani hasn't been lynched. Every New Yorker I know hates that motherfucker.

  25. 14:20 – Why aren't you bothered about who funded killing 3000 people?

    Because the cost-benefit analysis was good. Acts of terrorism aren't covered by most insurance companies and we can go to war as a result which benefits our investments.

  26. For all IDIOTS AND Paid TROLLS: Search, 'Pentagon Employee says No Planes,' right here on Youtube. She walked right through the hole & onto the grass right outside. NO plane parts or seats or ANYTHING related to a plane. In Pennsylvania reporters showed an ariel view which looked like, "small pieces of paper, but nothing that resembled a plane crash that WE'VE ever covered." And how could 2 aluminum airliners go through reinforced concrete walls like Wile E. Coyote in a cartoon?!? Don't listen to the paid Shills in this comment section that try to tell you anything different. The N.W.O. or Nazi World Oppression is HERE!!! The BAD news is that God allows such attacks because we shun & disrespect Him & Jesus. Find absolute proof of God in a short ebook (FREE download at http://www.booksbybrewer.com) called, "Just What Jesus Said." TIME TO WAKE UP TO REALITY, KIDS!!!

  27. How do you expect anyone with brains to treat this subject with consideration whilst playing stupid Black Rap Muzik,. No one watches this sort of tape for entertainment, but for , facts ,, there is no need for music.

  28. lee says:

    lift shafts are in four different sections according to building plans so how can the fuel make its way to lobby ?

  29. John DeF says:

    I wonder what Chump has in store for us

  30. John DeF says:

    You almost have to be unconscious to believe the"official" story.

  31. I'm not sure if you mention it or not, but what about the black boxes?

  32. Bumboozeler says:

    Planes hit. No inside job.

  33. 9-11 UFO Activities… The Empire Strikes Back… to the Bombing of the Moon…


  34. Aldo Sfalcin says:

    Just like the bullet hitting Kennedy on the right front of his head and he moved violently to the left and back. WE SAW IT WITH OUR EYES and yet they tell us it's not what we saw. We also saw the buildings in New York EXPLODE and turn into dust right before our very eyes and they tell us it's not what we saw. Okay, think people think.

  35. daftweebrush says:

    still persisting with that plane theory? Ah well

  36. Very controversial, very unsettling. We should, as Americans and as targets of people who hate Americans, be on high alert… Even these many years later. It is disturbing to see this for the first time in this the year of 2017. Very scary… May God help all of us…

  37. I'd of thought this would of had millions of views not just 120 k it's something they should show in school's

  38. Donald Trump will tell us the truth, don't you worry…maybe he's twittering it as we speak, if he isn't too busy with his Remember the Alamo.T shirts while laying bricks in the Mexican wall.

  39. At the beginning it says September 11 2006 then after a few seconds say September 11 2001

  40. wow…. the police all talking about hearing an explosion is pretty crazy ….as well as the military guy saying he thought it was "an explosion planned on the inside before the crash"

  41. Blu Crystl says:

    Would you support a criminal investigation of the cause of death of 343 firemen and 60 police officers on the day of 9-11-01? There has not been, so far, a criminal investigation of what caused the death of 343 firefighters and 60 police officers on the day of 9-11-01.
    N.I.S.T. has clearly stated they did not study the global demolition of the World Trade Center 1 and 2 buildings thus N.I.S.T. has not provided evidence why these buildings underwent global demolition. N.I.S.T. has GROSSLY failed to do what it was assigned to do under the The National Construction Safety Team Act (H.R. 4687).
    In spite of N.I.S.T. clearly stating that they did not study the demolition of floors 90 through 1 of World Trade Center building 1 that occurred on 9-11-01, thus providing no evidence why these floors were demolished, many people seem to believe that floors 91 through 110 demolished floors 90 through 1 simply by falling on them.
    If you reply to this comment please try to describe more accurately what happened to World Trade Center 1 and 2. They were demolished. A demolition did occur. If you say that the buildings "collapsed" it may not be totally clear what you mean. When a building undergoes intentional or engineered demolition there is almost always collapse of the structure. That is the intended result of controlled demolition. When there is a "collapse" of a building this does not necessarily mean there was a demolition of the building.
    It would be hard to say what an accurate number would be, but there is a certain percentage of the American population that believes the World Trade Center buildings 1 and 2 were not demolished on the day of 9-11-01. Perhaps the statements N.I.S.T. has made has led to this confusion of thought.

  42. paul edwards says:

    so many questions…were the pentagon 'lamp posts' ever looked at for evidence of plane hit ..could they have been set to fall or taken down by other means..would love to chat witg tge young aide of cheneys that asked about 'orders' still standing..if planes/passengers were swapped for drones then where poss they went to land etc..any rumourz on airbases bout odd events etc.info on the 'elevator' company or the fire protection upgrade company et al.how was b7 rigged to fall.must have been pretext for work done beforehand..?? was any dna from hijackers ever retreived? who makes/supplies the nano aluminum found in the thermate residue??.potentially traceable?.personally i think that even if firm evidence (sic) of a conspiracy arose the ability to actually hold the guilty to account just isnt there..thoughts and respect to all involved and affected by this inhuman and disgraceful act..

  43. Trump is a Jew disguised as a human being. So get set for the new series of false flag ops by the Jews. (previous series, 911, 7/7, MH370 and MH17)

  44. Most people have worked out by now that 911 was a false flag inside job by the Israeli Mossad and the Bush Admin. America really is a militarist junta banana republic and a colonial possession of Israel.

  45. jim j says:

    The truth does not change, those in "power" are the only ones who can conceal. We have become a people ruled by fear.

  46. All of u idiot twoofers need to be rounded up and shot

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