After Berlin: The real figures about refugees and terrorism


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  1. StopWatch says:

    Let the Islamoganda begin. 1400 years of Islam's terror driven forced subjugation of nations tells a much diff. story than this bullshitter.

  2. Moon walk says:

    Yeah let's not forget, why people become extremist, radical, violent, intolerance suicide bomber and terrorist only after converting to so called the religion of #peace= Islam.

  3. Mr pringle says:

    blah blah blah more liberal puke we are letting our countries be flooded with people who have serious mental health effects caused by war and every single one of them worships islam it is obvious the most radical forms will appeal to them more.

    accepting refugees is not a problem if they was non muslim people would not care much and help more but these people have a horrid mind set and are radicalized and basically try to brute force their way into countries that have said no.

    No refugees in the past have ever acted as obnoxious and barbaric as these and they should be deported asap back to turkey or libya from where they crossed no country is obligated to take any outsiders and NO should mean no any attempts after that should be treated as an invasion.

  4. El Guapo says:

    He says we can't confuse the refugees with the terrorists. The trouble is, we are confused deliberately by the terrorists. That is exactly their agenda. Like snipers they hide and decide on their targets, the only difference is they hide behind the mask of seeking refuge. If the refugees can't spot them, how the hell does anyone else? Additionally I would like to hear the answer to this question…when the west is finally taken over by the murderous radicals that have already overrun the existing islamic nations, will the muslims give us refuge from them? Very unlikely I think.

    Finally, the title of this video is about "the real figures". Where are they? What are they?

  5. We should ban the Quran, expel all muslims and make it illegal to be islamic.

  6. Ramiro Ramos says:

    Why Germany took these terrorists of begin?

  7. TVsez says:

    Finally a rational voice!

  8. TVsez says:

    Finally a rational voice!

  9. this guy is mental and handing out PC baloney

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