Alternate future of the world in countryballs #4 – World war 3


Music used: Fallen Army – GRV Music
Phantom Power Music – Overpowered
The Victory Of The War-No Copyright Free Music



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  1. Damien Lee says:

    If the can australia and New Zealand leave and join usa's side cause Australia and New Zealand would NEVER EVER betray US and EU

  2. good vid also make indonesia join the great alliance
    and i have a name
    "The Power Alliance"

  3. Saeed Hodson says:

    the big alliance lol

  4. good video but you should fix borders

  5. Strong alliance then make North Korea say, wtf that's a stupid name. they ain't even strong,…

  6. Russia Ball says:

    EHEA: Western Hemisphere and Eurasian Alliance
    USA joins EHEA
    Russia annex china
    Rebellion in the New South Africa
    Finally North Korea annexes South Korea and Japan and becomes the Korean Empire

  7. Mr.Brizzly says:

    -Moscow Pact
    -United Brazilian Orders
    -Russian Brazil Orders
    -Golden Horde

  8. RoK Mapper says:

    World Power Alliance(WPA)
    (Many Mappers used it)^^

  9. RJ Sharpe says:

    Russia- South american pact

  10. Apollo 101 says:


  11. qSoddog679 says:

    Some suggestions

    Romania annex Ukraine and Serbia
    Romania rename into Romanian Empire
    China get annexed by Japan
    Canada and America unite

    P.S the name of S.America – Russia alliance should be "New Global Order"

  12. anonym cz sk says:

    name for gun plazma gun

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