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Full Documentary Documentary – How anonymous hackers changed the world Documentary Full JOIN US : – Connect with Anonymous – Sign …


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  1. Plasma Punk says:

    swag swag,
    rip comrades!!111

  2. M.r. Moon says:

    Change your name to…Annoynamous
    …and please grow up and stop thinking everyone is as stupid and paranoid as you goofballs.

  3. they are sexy, plain and simple.

  4. young 95 says:

    lol the protests helped thousands get laid. Nice

  5. "Doxing is Hacking"

  6. Riaz Islam says:

    Anonuymous are awesome

  7. Dustin Lewis says:

    Clearly fake, grils aren't on the internet

  8. i like them. theyre my kind of people. #anonymousForever

  9. Grandma HD says:

    wow and i thought Anonomous was bad people..

  10. Inês Soares says:

    Hacking and bombing to get peace, is like fucking to be virgin again.

  11. suraj subedi says:

    Its bad times going on here in Nepal
    India blockades nepal border and peoples are dying here
    We want anonymous in Kathmandu !!!!!
    Only Anonymous can fix this up !!!

  12. I loved that one guy that kept swearing and the other one that said Melbourne wrong.

  13. @suraj subedi unless Nepal provide madhesis with equal rights as all ur citizens they should do just that

  14. this is fucking stupid

  15. helo anoymous how can I get to make of the interview with you and a spokesman of the organision?

  16. Obiarshi says:

    I want to see puppets and puppet masters being killed by anonymous.

  17. mulvone19 NL says:

    what anonymous is doing is good they are helping the world on a good way

  18. Fuck you chink moot

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