Anonymous – Operation Paris continues #OpParis


Anonymous – Operation Paris continues #OpParis JOIN US : – Connect with Anonymous – Sign …


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  1. Donna Frey says:

    i just want to thank u for everything u guys did

  2. someone need to show these fuckers whos boss Gs

  3. thank you Anonymous !!!!!!!!

  4. I am Anonymous,you cant see me

  5. well I want to be a hacker with the phone but Idk how

  6. Вот. мне интересно поймете ли вы что я пишу. Но я бы хотел попросить Вас научить меня программированию.

  7. How do I join anonymous

  8. tom griffin says:

    HEY HEY ,news, LAUGH FACTORY gets threatened by clinton regime over jokes,

  9. Good job on taking down those accounts.

    Daesh are a disease. Nothing about them is Islamic. Their number 1 target have been innocent Muslims and they make life hard for the Muslims in Europe.

    A lot of people are talking here about fighting against Daesh but don't forget the brave warriors in Syria/Iraq who are fighting against them.

    Remember, the fight is against Daesh (ISIS), not Muslims or the religion of Islam. To say otherwise is to share the same beliefs as Daesh. You are all better than that.

    God bless.

  10. 40 dislikes from ISIS members

  11. rasul cross says:

    привет из россии хакеры)

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