Anonymous World War III is on the Horizon


Anonymous World War III is on the Horizon We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. United As One. Divided By Zero. Expect …


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  1. MxrkZz HD says:

    there's no world war 3 shit happening so stop chatting shit

  2. I'm hearing it by casting it to the tv.

  3. James Moore says:

    sound stopped at 1:40 on my computer

  4. Sound failed here as well at 1:35

  5. This happens to RT as well

  6. Leslie Duval says:

    Tell us something we do not know…… Anonymous, I am a supporter, but DAMN…… You are beating a dead horse….. YOU NEED to practice what you preach or you are no better then what you stand against…. IF YOU want humanity to stand up for themselves then You need to also…. I REALLY HOPE I didnt misguide my mind….. Sure you do little things like shut down Google, Sony, and the FBI, but you really dont make a change to what is going on…. you really need to walk the walk if you are gonna talk the talk……

  7. yea sound didn't work on mine either

  8. like we can stop the war yh alright. have u see the ppl around u. they see what on the news then they forgte what did that just watch. they are like sheep's

  9. The sound cuts off part way through

  10. I love you. I only believe you, nobody else on earth.

  11. Before world war 3 is a world war 2 and half

  12. News flash WWII NEVER ENDED!

  13. THE AUDIO IS ALL FUCKED UP HAcked possably?

  14. Steven Rust says:

    no volume, could not hear your message.

  15. they got a lotta water to cross fuking with U.S. atlantic and pacific ocean is protection from the outside world. thats why U.S. bullies.

  16. wold war is coming soon regardless of what the citizens do. war will continue untill the Extinction of humankind or destruction of the world itself it is an unfortunate but true statement

  17. Donald Bole says:

    I agree with the commenters…the sound keeps going out, I have not heard the most of the presenation

  18. kobong mhda says:

    WW3 start in 27 Oct 2016

  19. So what shall we do?

  20. Not millions, but billions will die…

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