Nameless Updates presents to you ‘You are being managed by the new globe buy! You need to wake up!’

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33 Responses

  1. Emily Hammer says:

    Wake up. Listen to the voice of Jesus. Every other voice will lie to except the one who created every good thing, the one who loves you and the one who knows all things. Don't lose hope. You are loved. Now is more of the time than ever to stand for what you believe in and to not make this video into simply a thought, but actions yet to be carried out.

  2. Dave Gee says:

    Yes, we are being controlled, but in the end everything has an expiry date…eventually an equilibrium will emerge and then the whole thing will start again. Everything is cyclical, from planet earth to the human spirit, everything in existence returns to an atomic level to start over, there is no fighting it, just live your life in the timeline you have been given, do your best and enjoy it because dwelling over things will only break you.

  3. all the critical information here it's just explained a lot about what has happened to the community the public and even the Society itself so much structures to say that they are good then they end up completely forgetting about him and it's vets normal people like us to fund a charity

    is what they inflict to do for the human mentality for so many years by using certain transmission frequencies so they have a better control over it and then they come to a reasonable understanding that they are deeply underestimated the consequences what is in front of them

    the say that they do good but really they don't go there all day and up developing good but then leaving the critical situations in exposed and end up forgetting about these certain particular areas and expect them to run their own

    is quite shocking what day of orderly convinces to do why we get on with our miserable lives expected to be free will really we're still be in Slave to the puppet master

  4. Dear Anonymous Updates. You are being watched by the true Anonymous as you tell lies in their name. They don't forgive, they don't forget. Expect them.

  5. Buzznangel says:

    Full truth is GodSeeded food is health and health is wealthDo not let anyone or anything steal your joyAll for one or NONEThe truth is written on our heart

  6. Why only assholes speak about these stupid theories ? If you are so capable, why don't you start your own business and help the poor without taking the elites money? example is better than advice.Fact is only lowlife who don't know what to do in their life support these stupidity. this asshole has a mind from 10000 BC

  7. Get behind thee Satan, I rebuke thee return to the Absis in Jesus Name Amen. You Fasle teachers are misleading many. The Lord Thy God Shall Destroy You all. I Pray you're eyes become open before it too late!!! God Bless you all!

  8. adam kalis says:

    No I'm not. I'm too good to be .

  9. the new or rather world order is TRUMP, nothing has changed trump is a republican because only a democrat or a republican can be a president in america anyone else is not allowed. reason is the law of the new world order, and forget the media is just a distraction CNN is still here and infowars will eventually disappear.
    the truth you ignore, one question, is trump a republican, if he is then you are a liar, if he is not you are rigth, to have a real new government it has to be someone is not a republican neither a democrat the rest is just crap ignoring reality is OK but ignoring the consequences of ignoring reality is impossible something you will see soon, however it will be too late, same as jesus before he cursed israel, he said you got a messenger from god and you ignored him, the result israel got destroyed, and god indeed send a saviour to america but you ignored, reason why it is was and has always being a democrats republicans opposites while they are both the same, and trump and congress are republicans same as dick cheney and bush. and that is a fact for alex jones now that he has become glenn beck and you. in 2001 you got the republican that gave you a war so get ready. the saviour you ignored it was jill stein..!!

  10. Robert Gore says:

    Yet again the music track is too loud and distracts from the message. .The synthesised voice is already hard enough to listen to, and the shaking back ground just looks incompetent. This does not enhance trust, but just looks like more psychological programming.

  11. robert retka says:

    I am being controlled by Anonymous, I must sleep.

  12. Max Amus says:

    thank you for continuing to point out the problem………………………………..what's the workable solution.

  13. John Shotter says:

    alex jones lied about william cooper

  14. S C says:

    and they hide behind the curtain like in The Wizard of Oz so we don't know their names or who they are the curtain has been pulled back

  15. Anita Clarke says:

    if they can make you believe in absurdities then they cab make you commit atrocities.

  16. Anita Clarke says:

    The best slaves are the ones who don't know they are slaves.

  17. I think we are getting ready for a global disaster that will impact earth soon, Nibiru IS on it's way, or at least something big is going on in the sky, the colors are getting toooooooo weird, and the light from the sun(?) is giving off some weird hues.
    look at the sky in the mornings and you will see that something is wrong

  18. How Do We End This ?
    What We Need To Do ?
    Help Me To Reality :'(

  19. Ed Hill says:

    This world is becoming crazy.Just like most people.

  20. mack bolan says:

    Thankyou Anonymous Updates

  21. nili adler says:

    Its Old World Order.Never changed.Its the same.

  22. Event #1 agenda 21.Event #21.Global nuclear war. Atomic God WWW. 

  23. mars hutch says:

    If the people in Maryland are losing thier guns people in other states need to be there for thier neighbors, or they will be next. Don't let what happened in Germany happen here.

  24. Alwas Asdfgh says:

    we are being controlled by greed

  25. Jim Conry says:

    Yeah I mean cool videos or whatever but when you take out all the non factual rhetoric you're really not saying much… let's DO something about it (besides making videos.. like stuff that matters, organizing protests, petitions, hacktivism(isn't that what Anon is known for?) etc. So more planning, less pandering)

  26. Chris Ward says:

    well fucking uprising then….
    why can't we begin
    if we are legion why am I the only one who is fucking ready to destroy the evils of the world. even if I die in the process.

  27. After reading some of the comments posted to Anonymous vids I can understand why we are in the position we are in. Anonymous can only do so much and it is a surprise to me that they have been allowed to do as much as they have done because the elite have virtual control over everything. God helps those that helps themselves. You are still under the elites mind control if you expect that someone else will bring the changes we seriously need. You are going to have to get fully involved too. The elite don't give a rats ass about us, they just want us to keep producing.

  28. mike tuttle says:

    Old vid…seen it a few weeks back…

  29. I've shared the shit out of this

  30. SwellPell says:

    Man will merge with machine in only 18 years from now, prepare yourselves!

  31. Susan Kiefer says:

    Satan is the ruler of the earth! that's why we need God! purpose of the cross, Jesus saves and he opens our eyes! you are correct in the truth! we don't have to be afraid when we know Satan's job.

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