Apocalypse: The Second World War – 3/6 – Shock (1940–1941) HD [Full Episode]


Apocalypse : World War II – 3.6 – Shock ( 1940 to 1,941 ) HD Apocalypse : world War II – 6.3 – Shock ( 1940-1941 ) HD Apocalypse : the Second …


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  1. Basih says:

    Is the video speeded up a little bit? It sounds weird..

  2. 4 seconds about the battle of Greece (Oct 1940 – Apr 1941) – The first allied victory in WW2 – is a bit too little I believe… What a shame.

  3. Binj Komisar says:

    At 25:30 minutes in… This is why the Nazis were totally horribly crazy.. There bravery, tactics and overall bad-assery are commendable… But, episodes like 25:30 minutes in are too much… It is truly scary that this shit went on less than 100 years ago.. Ugg.. Humanity :(

  4. Timbobob123 says:

    Kamerad is more like fellow, not comrade thats a genosse ^^

  5. James Dean says:

    is this sped up?

  6. For those of you wondering the video is sped up slightly. This is because the uploader is trying to avoid copyright. If it was not sped up the video series would already be removed.

  7. Coka Blues says:

    it's sad how many lives were lost,,I respect Germany,, but its sad how Europe has turned out with immigration especially Germany,, many people there and the UK who thought in ww2 are disgusted with the current situation,, and I hope the UK will leave Europe soon,Churchill would be spinning in his grave to see what has become of the UK and Europe

  8. ffO kcuF says:

    My fucking baby jesus. They were Soviets, mot Russians. Russians by themselves couldn't do shit.

  9. David RC says:

    At 39:10 Nazis cowards!

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