AREA 51 Illuminati Alien/Demon Conspiracy Exposed!! 2017



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  1. FisherOfMen2 says:

    The government staged a fake phone call claiming the caller lied about his claims. They did the same with Michael Jacksons last phone call.

  2. Cinco 913 says:

    You're a wise man brother. Stay blessed, wise and prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ and our father who art in Heaven to save us from this evil in the world

  3. Nazra Nazra says:

    we are on the same page in so many ways

  4. Blessings and protection from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!!! ???

  5. Sally Gentry says:

    Well done! I've been trying for a decade to learn and tell people. That they were demons. I've grown up from birth around all this because my daddy is a member of one of the most famous groups in history. I've seen evil. I'm grateful my daddy and cousins didn't get into that.

  6. I've been looking up this too not aliens extra dimensional beings good vid.

  7. Big T says:

    when you speak truth but people are so ignorant that its like foreign language

  8. edwin manna says:

    yea demons are real

  9. Sinter X says:

    Goose bumps…
    thx 4 upload

  10. God Bless you to Brother, and so glad your out of Jail and back home. Just be careful, you and your wife, because now your a target for them, and I don't think this is the last you will be hearing from them. We're praying for God's Holy Hedge of Protection for both of you and your extended family members. Btw, we love your Channel!! Great Job!!

  11. rodney ruiz says:

    Your opinion is rite on point man' All my years of research has led me to come up with the same exact thought on how they try to make us believe that demons don't exist but at the same time keep us blinded with the theory of aliens ' keep up your good work brotha' You are in Gods Hands

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