Banned Documentaries – Ep. 2: What really happened at Sandy Hook?


Here is the most thorough and unbiased documentary catologing every question raised about the “Sandy Hook Massacre” in Newtown Connecticut on …


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  1. Nola West says:

    I'm sorry, but I was with you up 'til 1:12:40 & 1:13:20 & there-on!!!! If someone could explain this point she is trying to make when she says "I will repeat because this is very hard to grasp"… It did not make much sense to me. I understand they are implementing a system where people can get information regarding a tragedy sent to you as to keep us in the know, but what(?) – what is the very important message or point she's trying to make or get across to us? Maybe explained in "Layman Terms" please… I truly want to understand about what it is she's pointing out.

    MAYBE IT'S LIKE THIS?: So this project is to get everyone involved, providing them with information so they can study it & learn from mistakes? So we're doing some of their dirty homework? Gathering loads upon loads of info so they can do it more effectively in a real live situation?
    Something like that?
    Ohhh – I'm so slow at this stuff, but I want to understand! LoL ~ Thank you!

  2. TimmyME says:

    Very well done video. Even if only half of all that is brought up in the video is true it still raises many questions and makes one wonder what really went on there that day.

  3. SpaceShot76 says:

    It dawns on me, when is the last time you remember seeing a coroner at a press conference fielding questions for a mass shooting? Never.

  4. too much speculation on all fronts, sources or commenters are stating personal opinion and personal experience not based on actual facts.with semi-automatic assault rifles and enough youtube 'training' much can be learned on tactics such as quick reloading and room clearing techniques, most body armor and harnesses are load bearing and shifts weight to more manageable areas on the body.If you leave out very important facts and information IT DOES SOUND LIKE A CONSPIRACY. If you actually did the research and reported ALL the information it no longer sounds like one anymore.stop speculating on the side lines and do some actual research, if all your information is derived from the internet and youtube and your speculation is based on belief and no actual training in investigation, again you are speculating which is your opinion, and since you're a nobody, do you think people, other than the right-wing conspiracy nuts, should belief the filth and garbage that comes out your mouth.make sense to you? probably not….

  5. albundyinc2 says:

    wow…I have never been one to be a "conspiracy" person but this is sure compelling. wow…

  6. The camera went up after the shooting . what are you trying say there

  7. You don't know rednecks ,I see people in camo in church that time of year.It's hunting season

  8. It's common for people to use a old photo of them self at memorals

  9. Blood does not get cleaned up. In most cases loved ones have to clean up blood. I can take you to an auto action where you can buy blood covered cars after they have been in accidents or had a shooting victim in it.

  10. I watched the whole thing ,and have one question .Where is my niece ,I know I had one ,I don't have a niece now. Are you saying my brother is lying to me ?

  11. ELFANTASMA24 says:

    this a crazy documentary! truth or not sure makes u think tho!

  12. Jo Stevens says:

    very good work. i already know this was a staged event at this point but this is so disturbing

  13. I think that 26 people were murdered by a coward.

  14. Alvaro Lopez says:

    I have an answer for that tittle question….. NOT A DAMN THING happened.

  15. I'm here to adopt a mini troll?to take care of my trolling needs?

  16. Adam Burke says:

    What a vile, brain damaged librarian. Maybe for her next documentary she can "prove" how the media faked the "lie" that the earth is round.

  17. SUBBED. This is kinda interesting. KEEP IT UP!

  18. Trail Seeker says:

    would be a better doumentary without all the other useless none sandy hook info

  19. Ahhhhh, yes, the details. I love science, it proves many things

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