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Full documentary about the Bavarian Illuminati in HD quality 1080p ‘ ‘ moving forward ‘ ‘ Facebook …


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  1. Mc Panik says:

    too bad the Illuminati didnt actually have any of the goals in mind stated in this video! smh

  2. Santa Six says:

    HA! It's just a 1700's pyramid scheme. Holy shit that's funny.

  3. ozy utone says:

    boleh di dengar jangan di musnahkan

  4. It really is a shame that we can't get a REAL documentary on the REAL Illuminati. The were disbanded while fighting against a tyrant Church who was all about absolute control. 

  5. John Farrell says:

    the illuminists are all control freaks, freemasons, fraternitas serpentis, majestic 12, the 9 unknown men, illuminati is latin plural for enlightened they are demonic beings!

  6. Im just asking myself and others-if the goal of Illuminati is to destroy every system,every govermant,isn't it normal to finance and support in same time both Napoleon and Brits,communists and Nazis…and create chaos and anarchy afther such bloody wars!?When people loose every faith in religion,church,moral,humanity…If I wanna do that-I would do the same as Illuminati

  7. Todd Field says:

    The Bavarian Illuminati were a bunch of faggots who pretty much invented the poison of feminism.

    Perhaps this is why we see those at the top of the pyramid trying to turn guys into girls and women into men.

  8. Loominarty confirmed

  9. Magen D says:

    The PROOF of their behind the scenes existence?!

    Get you a piece of paper or build a table in a word doc. and look for ALL EVENTS associated with the date – 1 MAY!!!

    Adam Weishaupt founds Illuminatus (1 May 1776) The date Trafalgar square was opened/dedicated (1 May 1844). The date of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Empire State Building (1 May 1931). George Washington Inauguration (1 May 1789).  .England, Wales and Scotland form United Kingdom of Great Britain  (1 May 1707). .Great Exhibition opens in the Crystal Palace, London (1 May 1851). Confederate "National Flag" replaces "Stars & Bars" (1 May 1863). Confederate congress passed resolution to kill black soldiers (1 May 1861). American Equal Rights Association forms (1 May 1866) Reconstruction of South begins, black voter registration (1 May 1867). 1st US postal card issued (1 May 1873).  Emperor Franz Jozef opens 5th World's Exposition in Vienna (1 May 1873). Alexandra Palace, London, reopens after being burnt down in 1873 (1 May 1875).  "Buffalo Bill" Cody put on his 1st Wild West Show (1 May 1875). Amsterdam World's Fair opens (1 May 1883). Gold to Federal Reserve (1 May 1933).
    Lusitania Final Voyage – Began: Sat.,  (1 May 1915)
    Torpedoed: Sat., 7 May 1915…. I have over found over 300 major events thus far!!! All "Coincidence" I'm sure —–

    The night of 30 Apr/1 May – also known as Beltane and May Day!!!
    Every thing dedicable to the "Architect of the Universe" ===== Done so on ONE MAY!!!

    1 May is the KEY that unlocks the BS!!!!

    This video and the many others like it SCREAM —— DAMAGE CONTROL!!!!
    But G-d is in the process of REVEALING!!! Isaiah 47!!!! The VEIL WILL BE LIFTED!!!! And then DESTRUCTION!!!!

  10. craxd1 says:

    Freemasonry is the oldest labor union in the world, which became a secular mens fraternity, officially, in 1717. When Freemasonry found out what the Bavarians were up to, they infiltrated the Illuminati, the same as did the church. You can find this at 10:50 in the video. You'll notice that both reported what they knew to the Bavarian government.

    When Weishaupt's ideas got too much for the Bavarian Freemasons, he left the lodge, and started the Illuminati. As one can see, he didn't even have the rites completed, after the Scottish portion. At that, the rites were completely different from Freemasonry, from start to finish. To say all Bavarian Freemasons were in the Illuminati is not anywhere near factual.

    Last, the French Revolution was due to the reformation. The Catholics were getting worse, and declaring multitudes of people heretics, then killing them off. The King of France was in bed with the church, and the Pope. The French citizens got sick and tired of it, and put a stop to it. Close to the same thing happened in Britain, when William of Orange invaded, and sent the king into exile in France.

    The real Illuminati died with Weishaupt. The mentions of it, since then, by a handful of organizations, were or is to draw membership. They are not close to being real.

  11. I like the idea of uniting humanity for a world government, but the rule must be democracy not tyranny.

  12. Bruce Hood says:

    Can we make friends with them?

  13. log arythme says:

    excellent document but:

    1- can't understand what the presenter says due to his accent
    2- why is there no bibliography?

  14. ''illuminNAUGHTY''

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