Beyonce Satanic Illuminati Pregnancy Pictures w/ MK Ultra Twins (Proof)


The Queen Goddess Beyonce Releases Pictures of Her Pregnant With The Royal Twins!!! – @GodEyeMedia – @Beyonce
Internet site Credit For Photographs –


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  1. black queen says:

    I'M A QUEEN!✊ & That's REAL talk fuck these puppets I idolize GOD

  2. ez4me2c2 says:

    Beyonce will always be Jay Z's contribution to a pig roast !

  3. Onyka Jallim says:

    Dude beyonce is a Satanic witch she not no Queen stop ! ??

  4. Onyka Jallim says:

    keke Palmer maybe the illuminati princess

  5. Onyka Jallim says:

    something going to go down tho beyonce trying to stay relevant the elite already thrown rihanna they going down

  6. My Journee says:

    Y'all haters corny with that illuminati mess!!!

  7. she no African Queen never have and never will be let's clear that up but on some real shit I don't envy her because she going to hell at the end of the day

  8. when you get with these men they make you do any thing and now she going through some Michael Jackson bullshit her life is no longer normal that is sad

  9. this bitch wants to be white

  10. Lora Minkif says:

    Too bad you don't know what you're talking about.

  11. If she's a black queen then why is she wearing a fake white womans wig, she's a fuckin fake clone demon, and most people can see it!

  12. Nikki black says:

    dude come on she just another nigger bitch going straight to hell

  13. tana carlson says:

    she is a he…thats a man…she not pregnant…….wake up peoples!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. NADIA JH says:

    Lies!!! ???who uncle made this video?

  15. Terri Vines says:

    No she's breaking the firmament! Look at the colors! You have no idea what you're saying! Look at the orange symbolism, Don't you have any Israel what that means to the occult? If you don't know anymore than this about what is going on you don't have a Good Eye

  16. Jessica S says:

    Some ppl who do these videos have no clue what they are talking about this illuminate bs.

  17. sweetie pies says:

    how can a tranny be pregnant

  18. just wanted to say you were dead on. just watched another video. said it was satanic that she was holding one I can't believe it. and they said something about it being upside down and the crown

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