Book Summary: Man’s Search for Meaning – By Viktor E Frankel



Thomas Jefferson wrote – Existence, Liberty and the pursuit of contentment. The pursuit of contentment appears to be to be the finish activity for existence, but is it? Viktor Frankel is a focus camp survivor and goes a person level further in Man’s Research for Meaning.

Why is this significant to me?

I am not accomplishing this summary to squander your time. It is my eyesight to provide concise motion steps that you can adopt ideal now to greatly enhance your existence. This guide is most likely the most significant guide you will at any time study. Getting the genuine this means in existence is the essential to self-actualization. Maslow’s Hierarchy of demands actually demonstrates that with the correct this means the WHY certainly outperforms the HOW.

Dr. Frankel quotes the words of Fredrick Nietzsche – “He who has a WHY to dwell for can bear nearly any HOW.”

Dr. Frankel reveals what existence was like in the focus camps and also discusses Logotherapy which he developed. For the sake of time, I will emphasize essential feelings to actually crystalize Nietzsche’s words that a compelling WHY trumps any HOW.

Dr. Frankel goes into element on the focus camps. Existence was simply just hell on earth. What appeared to him was the mind’s ability to protect. The more time the stay, the more numbing all human emotion turned. There are 3 behaviors I would like to emphasize that are very solid and appeared based mostly on Dr. Frankel’s experiences.

1. Hope – People died day by day in the camps. The guards performed a finger activity and if you were picked you were lifeless. The simply just act of currently being pointed at shipped your fate in an fast. The prisoners that centered on the WHY to dwell experienced a greater chance at survival. Dr. Frankel figured out that you needed to seem young and often be eager to get the job done. This enhanced your chance for survival. A person considered managed every person which was to stay alive for the relatives waiting around for him at house.

two. Flexibility – This section appears to be very counter-intuitive but there is a person factor that no person can just take absent from you and that is the independence to choose HOW YOU React TO A Scenario. This simply just ability gave the survivors the resources to dwell and endure. This a person lesson can be existence transforming for any one that decides to use it adequately.

three. Mental Safety – The atrocities in the camps were hell on earth. The brain will protect and develop shields for survival. Dr. Frankel discusses the second stage of camp existence and that is absence of feelings. Right after a though the brain turned calloused to the atrocities and pure survival ruled. If a lifeless prisoner was located then they were stripped of clothes by other prisoners. This appears to be inhuman but pure organic survival dictates these actions and the brain numbs the system to protect it.

Man’s Research for Meaning is a existence transforming guide. Most guides currently discuss about currently being joyful but permit me paraphrase Dr. Frankel – “For accomplishment, like contentment, can’t be pursued it should ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side-influence of one’s perseverance to a result in bigger than oneself. Happiness should materialize, and the same retains for accomplishment: you have to permit it materialize by not caring about it. Dr. Frankel created Logotherapy and his this means in existence was to assistance other folks obtain this means in theirs.

I hope you have located this brief summary handy. The essential to any new concept is to get the job done it into your day by day regime till it gets to be pattern. Behaviors sort in as little as 21 times. A person factor you can just take absent from this guide is your independence to choose how you will reply to a condition. Points materialize in existence and forces exterior your management can dictate what you do in an fast. Existence can improve on a dime and your choice on your reaction is a independence that you possess and can never ever be taken absent.


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