Breaking NEWS on the War in Syria – World War 3 could start in the coming days


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  1. this is the 1st American i have heard of telling the truth and that prist seems to be on a pay role

  2. mother russia will bring peace to this country just give them a couple of weeks

    this guy from london …. are you serious USA AND NATO JEWS have been murdering yours for decades IRAQ AFGHANISTAN LIBYA LEBANON PALESTINE now you muslims have forgot who your real enemies are yours are killing eachother yours are doing the devils work = JEWS /USA i cant believe you guys in these middle eastern countries are like sheep you follow a leader and that leader is CIA

  3. All of our countries have been invaded. It doesn't take giant armies to take a country down. Just a few well placed terrorists can create so much havoc that they can keep turmoil reigning for years. We really need to stop importing them. I fee;l terrible for people caught in this war, but it's Israel doing ALL this. This is their pattern. Now they are stronger than they have even been in history and they will use their might to destroy the world…or at least our white/euro countries. They will use the Muslims to do their dirty work and blame.

  4. lee young says:

    well I was thinking not a bad channel and then pops up chowdry hate preacher terror helper and you're asking his opinion,get proper guests

  5. MrRadical916 says:

    Once Russia and China enter Syria it's over, US backed ISIS will flee because US will flee.

  6. TakiTonLine says:

    No ofcourse not he lives in luxurious  hotels in Londen Probably he's a crypto J.

  7. redrobiin says:

    Why he not wearing his safety helmet.

  8. Fuck you and your sharia and gay pedophile pro-fart MO-HA-MAD (pig be dick upon him) son of a bitch.Terrorist.

  9. Mic Doyle says:

    Muslims, this is not just happening to you, these people are doing the same thing to the poor and vulnerable in their own countries to. If Muslims don't wish to be branded as ALL being terrorists then please don't brand US ALL as being the same!

  10. Mic Doyle says:

    1/ The American constitution is basically a socialist manifesto. 2/ The Super rich want to do away with the constitution and impose a capitalist state, where freedom for all and justice for all no longer exist replaced by corporate rule and the dollar. 3/ With the aid of the UN they then want to impose this ideology on the world, effectively making the whole world a capitalist state. 4/ Religion has provided these people with a step by step plan on how to achieve this [the book of Revelation] they intend to divide us all having us fight each other on religious and class grounds e.c.t AND YOU ARE ALL LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

  11. Jason Chua says:

    This London guy this spewing a lot of BS. His Intel is terrible start and pray to Allah.

  12. Bluskystar says:

    isr amca told arms to rebels sud etc digging their u pit dig pit go in it except 12 Jacob needed quality time family have sound warning .love so much matt run you yours relatives young old rewire buses teach 1st aid tents won't know what's happening street art awakens relatives to prep

  13. Bluskystar says:

    Or your responsible if won't know what happening emp street art awakens relatives to matt run to hills prep foods waters in hills flee the city's built up for..teach for small amount hunter gathering..gather saftey in numbers

  14. Bluskystar says:

    statue daniel n ww o greedy judas takes self down .crims to end no helper find helper for relatives can't in dark emp don't diciplis sons to fathers dont leave on own in dark someone in house all times sisters children need you board up till gos .relocate.

  15. Bluskystar says:

    in dark emp someone in house all time sisters children need you help board up till relocate.

  16. Bluskystar says:

    run to hills relatives keep do good to others be catiouse some pretend need help be like little children give cup cold water not lose reward fathers mansions hills build wood mills bike power solar panels cook foods .warm relatives children sleep.

  17. Fucking Muslim scumbags. Bastards

  18. Sunil Shetty says:

    Press TV was successful in revealing the true colours of the saudi follower salafist cleric. The salafist cleric and the followers do believe that people all around the world are really dumb to not understand the true meaning of a religion. I am an educated HINDU but have read both the holy books The BIBLE and the QURAN in english and i very well understand what religion teaches us. The true religion teaches us peace and loving your fellow people as you love yourself and respect the belief of other religious followers. Thats what present in The BIBLE and The QURAN. The salafist people are the hardcore followers of the unruly and corrupt king and their grandfathers starting from ABU SUFIYAN the ruler of MECCA during the time of Prophet Muhammad and unsuccessfully attepted to murder Prophet Muhammad on several occasions. After that his son MUAWIYA came to the throne and was successful to get killed Prophet MUHAMMAD's Son-In-Law ALI and his Son HASAN. Later MUAWIYA's son YEZID was succeded to the throne of MUAWIYA after his death. YEZID was a alcoholic and a womaniser who was also successful to kill another grandson of Prophet Muhammad HUSSAIN and his whole family. The salafist or WAHABIS are the illegitimate childrens of YEZID and his people who dont have to take anything from religion. They were power hungry kings and evil people who raped anyone they desire and when prophet Muhammads descendents opposed to them they were able to killed them. We can clearly identify trhough their deeds what religion they follow Prophet MUHAMMAD or YEZID. The saudi kings are all descendents of YEZID's son AL-Saud. From AL-SAUD are the childrens who are ruling Saudi Arabia. I can go on and on and on but not enough space here. Kudos to PRESS TV. May you keep succeding spreading the truth.

  19. szaki says:

    Who are the guests, the guy from NY?

  20. Alan Hall says:

    That terrorist fuckwit from London should have is nuts cut off and stuffed in his mouth.
    He has no idea and no brain. Long live Putin and Assad

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