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  1. I dont know how he can say the british empire is behind it! When the TTIP agreement will see EU & UK paying the through the nose for US privatisation of british institutions like the NHS ( National Health Service). That guy is just promoting the NWO agenda of divide and conquer! Britain is as much in trouble as the US is!

  2. Roger Walker says:

    As long as I have been living I have always sat on the floor an listen to want my elders have talk about and I can even remember them saying that someday we would be where we are.  Even then you had sheep. What is about man that with all we should know from the  PASS we keep repeating it. Its so clear if only people would take off the Walmart glasses and stop not thinking we will start being more than a bill. Why in the world would we want to kill the world. What about the children….. You know the cute little blond blue eyed kids they show to control you everyday.  welcome to the NWO NAZI…. KEEP SLEEPING AN WAKE UP DEAD…4 horses ride now

  3. You people pushed up prices so high it's more that people income or life savings, now your eyes are big because they want to kill you. Now you all want to shift the blame on someone else trying to shift Presidents and all that. Don't act like the victim in a situation you have created. Fight your own religion war. Now people are insane in the mind, they stay insane once they are mad. Then they want to pay the middle class peanuts to fix their fuck ups. Nothing is collapsing they make money out of nothing. The world lost their infrastructure in people.A country's only assists are in people. They waking up to your lies now it's time to face the music. Now they have to send in innocent soldiers to fight a war for them. We don't want anything to do with that. If you do a real job from 8 to 5pm people will speak to you again, see what's like running the fucking economy for you. It's a endless war. It's the year 2016 after Christ people can't behave themselves.

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