Can You Guess The Ages Of These Asian Celebrities?


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20 Responses

  1. I clicked on this video because Dara was in the thumbnail. ???


  3. Kaya .B says:

    Where all my k-pop and Bollywood fans at ?✌?

  4. Ari Page says:

    They all looked their age to me

  5. L Deathnote says:

    Sandara Park is a vampire if you guys didn't know it, now you know.

  6. emtnani mand says:

    Is it weird that i got it all right?
    Nah, cuz I'm asian
    Ha Ha Haaa
    K. Bye

  7. Im a simple person. I see Sandara I click.

  8. I got them all right except for sandara parks. She REALLY looks like she's fucking 19

  9. 5tarJunioh says:

    Shahrukh Khan :D

  10. Kiara Sky says:

    Im black AND asian…so does that mean I won't crack? lol

  11. NAME123 says:

    Am I the only one who answered all of it right?

  12. I fangirled so hard when I saw Dara!!!! Yes, she is immortal and the sooner we all accept that the better our lives will be .

  13. Finn Keller says:

    Asians where so much makeup

  14. Lucy Wolf says:

    Black don't crack
    Asian don't raisin
    and white people are fucked

  15. Andrea G says:

    tbh im mestizx and my mom and grandma have always looked 10-20 years younger than they are so this was really easy

  16. Olive X says:

    hahahaha looks like sandara "she is 19!"

  17. I'm hoping my Guyanese side will be my friend as I age!!

  18. Shar Rukh Khan is from India.

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