Cartridge Clash – .270 Win Vs 6.5 Greedmoor



The .270 Acquire. has attained world-wide acceptance by sportsman many thanks to its gentle demeanor and deadly opportunity. With bullets from one hundred to one hundred fifty grains, it brings together flat trajectory with moderate recoil. Velocities can best three,000 fps with a a hundred and forty-grain bullet with out pushing restrictions, and considering the fact that the cartridge debuted in the 1920s, it has often remained a reasonably well-known hunting cartridge.

In 2007, Hornady’s Dave Emary and champion shooter Dennis Demille developed a 6.five opposition cartridge dependent on the .30 T/C. Not like its father or mother cartridge, the 6.five Creedmoor won fans in a hurry. Although it was a opposition cartridge by design – mating very long, large-BC wind-bucking bullets with a shorter, economical circumstance and lower recoil – the 6.five Creedmoor rapidly grew to become a crossover hunting cartridge.

You will find a great offer of overlap involving the .270 and 6.five in the subject. The Creedmoor utilizes bullets from 95 to one hundred sixty grains, the .270 with bullets from one hundred to one hundred fifty grains, so there are extra alternatives with the 6.five.

But the .270 Acquire. has an benefit in conditions of sheer pace and energy. With a a hundred and forty-grain bullet, the 6.five Creedmoor struggles to attain 2,725 fps, while the .270 Acquire. can effortlessly best 2,900 fps and can even crack three,000. But the additional pace and energy requires extra powder, a extended action, and the final result is a heavier gun that generates extra recoil.

Muzzle velocity is only 1 component of a cartridge that can accomplish at extended ranges, while. You need to also contemplate a bullet’s ballistic coefficient, and the 6.five Creedmoor has the higher hand there. The 129-grain Hornady InterBond 6.five bullet has a BC of .485 in comparison to the 130-grain .270 Inter-Bond’s .460 the a hundred and forty-grain 6.five SST’s.520 BC outshines the a hundred and forty-grain .270.

SST’s figure of .495. That equates to significantly less wind drift, and the very long, heavy 6.five
bullet’s large sectional density suggests a Greedmoor bullet meant for hunting will penetrate deep to drop big activity. The Creedmoor is also a masterfully economical cartridge design. With a hundred and forty-grain bullets the 6.five Creedmoor achieves 2,700 fps with 42.three grains of Hybrid 100V powder or 42.8 grains of Winchester 760.

To obtain that same velocity with a .270, you are going to need 49.2 and fifty.three grains of powder, respectively. It truly is significantly less costly, therefore, to reload the Creedmoor, at least in conditions of powder use. And even though the .270 Acquire. is hardly to be regarded as a heavy-recoiling spherical, it generates about 15 p.c extra recoil than the demure 6.five Creedmoor, as effectively as extra muzzle blast.

Virtually every centerfire ammunition producer delivers at least 1 load for the .270 Acquire. the same can’t be claimed for the 6.five Creedmoor-at least not but. Also, almost every bolt-action rifle built delivers a .270 variant, even though manufacturers like Savage and Browning are including rifles chambered in 6.five Creedmoor every 12 months.

If the cartidge’s trajectory continues, it could be as extensively available in the long term as the.270, but for the moment the Winchester cartridge remains the extra ubiquitous preference. In conditions of use on deer-measurement activity, the two of these cartridges will operate properly effectively to extended ranges.

On much larger activity like elk, the .270 Acquire. has the benefit. If you believe the adage that it will take 2,000 ft.-lbs. of energy to kill a bull, then the .270 carries that level of energy with most masses to around 300 yards while the regular 6.five Creedmoor load falls down below that selection involving one hundred and two hundred yards.

If you really don’t handload, the .270 is most likely a far better option only mainly because rifles and ammo are almost everywhere. If you handload, you can choose benefit of the extensive wide variety of 6.five bullets. Bottom line is that these two cartridges will provide you effectively, and it really is impossible to dangle the term “loser” on both 1.

.270 Acquire.


  • Far better efficiency at moderate ranges
  • Lengthy monitor document on activity
  • Substantial ammo, rifle selection


  • Demands extended action, heavier rifle
  • Generates extra recoil than the 6.five
  • Not as great part bullet selection



  • Short-action rifles and lower recoil
  • Outstanding BC and SD figures
  • More and more extra gun, ammo decisions


  • Not as efficient on elk-measurement activity
  • Ammo however not extensively available
  • Potential not carved in stone


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