Celebrities and their Lookalikes from the past (doppelgänger)


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  1. Wow john Travolta bang on

  2. Justin timberlake not changed much then

  3. O I like him solvester salons n Nicolas cage

  4. But u have got to think about were we've all come from I mean wow we cum back from generations and generations ago how do you think we got here

  5. Maybe theses people are related to these people from generations ago I mean u never no do you

  6. people generally look a like. this hence explains tha reason y people confuse pple to be other pple.
    just because you look a like does not really mean you are a monster or immortal being.
    what about if this pple had the same lineage $ similar generation?

  7. The Brad Pitt lookalike looked more like Mark Ellis from the schmoes channel on youtube. Look it up.

  8. OG Joker says:

    the unknown 1800's was Leo Tolstoy

  9. Mattea Joy says:

    So do dopel dangers. Anyways if these people are either the same people or crazy look alikes, if one person who saw the past look alike saw the present look alike, they would think that's someone they knew. but that would be inaccurate now wouldn't it. this proves that the madela effect is real. if you have any other proof DM @hey_itz_Tae on Instagram.

  10. Truths Love says:

    Humans use to live for hundreds of years. Maybe demons still do.

  11. in one of the pics they made a mistake and put unkown

  12. keanu is truly a work of art

  13. Me La says:

    we have 7 face similar in this world.noted that

  14. Keanu and Eddie Murphy freaked me out

  15. Keanu and Eddie Murphy freaked me out

  16. MOE HALL says:

    No gentlemen and Ladies it means that we are not unique physically or otherwise. this means that there are only so many possibilities of our g-nomes to combine and cause our looks, likes and loves that it has at some point run out and now nature is repeating those combinations. The more peeps on the planet the more likely that your exact double, not doppelganger, exists in your timeline somewhere on this earth likely at a different stage in life. So even though we aren't one in a million but one in a Billion still we are not unique or one of a kind. My apologies go out to all the Christians out there because I know that uniqueness is seen as one of God's great works, unfortunately it's not so

  17. I know what I'm about to type……. WHO WOULD YOU PICK TO BE WITH WHEN U DIE…. JESUS OR THE DEVIL DAAAA OFCOURSE JESUS. Hey guys just know that jesus made u and is watching over u. GOD BLESS..

  18. oh so know am I bothering u

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