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This BAFTA award winning film deals with a subject often whispered but rarely spoken about – the sexual abuse of boys by teachers in Britain’s private schools.


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  1. so  sad for the loss of their childhood

  2. My heart breaks for these men. My brother was sexually molested/raped by an older cousin, and it went on for a while. My brother never told our parents either, he told no one. It was like that in the 60's and 70's. Kids weren't listened to, or believed. Adults ruled and you obeyed them. When my brother finally told our parents, he was an adult. At the same time he told them he was gay. He ended up talking about it because we found out through the family that this cousin that molested him, went on to molest his own daughter. If he was able to molest even his own child, I can't imagine how many children this bastard got away with molesting, and damaging. My brother never really recovered from this, mentally. He went on to abuse drugs and alcohol. It breaks my heart that my brother went through this alone. The cousin was finally caught several years ago with tons of child pornography on his computer. He served some time in prison, but not enough for ruining my brother's life, and countless others I'm sure. The abusers care for nothing but their own gratification.

  3. mixedandnot says:

    I have watched many sad programs on YouTube, but never was I so sad that I was depressed and could not continue watching it.  I would have destroyed all those homosexual adults who abused these boys.  I would make them suffer horribly for their crimes.  I find that taking away a child's innocence is one of the worse crimes possibly committed.  I hate the abusers without even knowing them personally. 
    My own two kids I do not leave with anyone or at anyone's house.  I have never trusted anyone to keep them overnight.  A crime should never have a time limit. 
    I gave birth to my kids and no one else.  I will not tolerate because of society or community any abuse done against them, or even to another child.  It is not in me to do so. 
    A school, whether private or public, should be motivated to report any and all abuses against the innocent.

  4. These men are so brave. Male victims of sexual abuse don't usually speak out. If I could hug them I would.

  5. Laine Wite says:

    ngawww you guys are so brave proud of YOU

  6. Laine Wite says:

    aww and Mark died in May 2014 :'( … R.I.P Mark <3

  7. Steve Toka says:

    In the 70s/80s if you were an abused kid you didn't exist. There's no question other people knew it was happening but did nothing. A teacher walked in and found a virtually naked 12 year old in another teachers office. You're not telling me he didn't know. It unrcontionable……

  8. Brooke Thamm says:

    Brave men,beautiful boys who have my love,admiration and respect.

  9. I was in a boarding school from the age of 5 to 15. I have very fond memories of my time there. Listening to all the horrible things happening to innocent kids in a place of learning, I now realise how incredibly lucky I was!

  10. What incredibly brave men. I only have infinite respect for them. I went to prep school (girls) from the late 60s to the mid 70s. I am still dealing with the abuse of adults who had control over small children who had nowhere to turn to. My family were on the other side of the world and I could only write one air letter a week to them – vetted but the abusers. He Ho those Bitches are all dead by now and hopefully rotting in hell.

  11. So, what's the matron's name? Surely she too is guilty of a crime?

  12. Jack Morris says:

    if it was me I'd find the fucking when I'm older, do him in make it look like a robbery but that's just where I came from and how I was raised

  13. arne berg says:

    Êmotional sunami". Bright one —

  14. RK Duffy says:

    Bless all your hearts 🙁 Your bravery is appreciated

  15. clattybrown3 says:

    To save one (an abused child) is enough are the words in this documentary that rings through me. So in hoping the POLICE read comments, I shall write 'BOMB for the attraction. Here are my and I know many others abusers 'Brian Williams" who lived in Brierley road Leytonstone Lonon (massive fat man) his son Peter was as is the same (an abuser) in the middle / late 70s. I know he abused his own children and most of their friends including myself. Next a sweet shop owner (I think his name was Ken or Phil ) shop was on Langthorne road across from North Burbeck road (same time period) I was invited by Peter son of Brian Williams to his shop, after hours and we went upstairs above the shop (about three flights) was given sweets and there was about 5 or 6 boys on the bed in underwear, I ran. Next is man who's name is Ken (Kenny) who lives or lived on the 1st floor above the car parks in Hollydown estate across from North Birbeck road, again took there by Peter (he was older than I) and after a while he would masturbate Kenny in front of me (at that time I had no clue to what masturbating was) They asked me to do it to him and I refused and was asked to go but as I left another kid was going in. As I wrote at the beginning… TO SAVE ONE

  16. florantia says:

    I'm very proud of these men for coming out with this, and I know how difficult it is for men (especially those who have grown up in divided/dysfunctional families) to open up their emotions or discomfort. I don't see anything wrong with males being ashamed of revealing the truth towards this issue, I am hoping these men got their justice against those sickos.

  17. justme33126 says:

    This was hard to watch. These brave men have my total respect! I would have liked to know what happened to that "matron" who KNEW what was going on, who called those young boys "dirty boy" and never did or say a thing for such a long time! She is just as guilty as the abusers!

  18. To this day, parents are very trusting with their young children. Who the hell puts their children in boarding school. [email protected] Parents.

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