#ConfederateFlag Whites The Biggest Terror Threat World War 3 And Obama Tied To Communists


NEED TO KNOW: White Americans are the biggest terror threat in the United States, according to a study by the New America Foundation.


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  1. Literally everything you have predicted since at least last year has amounted to absolutely nothing and yet you STILL make money off people's fear. You are not working for God

  2. johnup53 says:

    its funny that we have a black p……… and white poeple are terrorus

  3. johnup53 says:

    becase the black poeple want a race war and they new if they can get a black p……. in it would be pay back time on whitey……

  4. vega briccs says:

    40,000 troops is very significant for any one who knows how nato works!

  5. metoyu38 says:

    Its funny how this guy said the article about white americans are the biggest terrorist threat pisses him off,, WHY IS THAT?? The problem with white folks is they have selective and short term memory,, white terrorized the hell out of blacks in this country for years,, some of the same shit you see isis doing to people is what whites did to blacks and then some, stop reading them highschool watered down history books and dig deeper into white terrorism against blacks, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY EVIL,DISGUSTING AND INHUMANE what was done, but the first thing people want to say is that was the past why bring that up,, well you bring it up for the same reason people still talk about holocaust, or the civil war or ww2,ww1 , but no one wants to talk about that atrocity smdh,, but if that study was pointing out a negativity about anyone other than white then all would be well in the world its only when you point out the sins of white people that all hell breaks loose. hypocrits and as for this confederate flag issue, I for one don't give a damn about some flag, but its not the issue of slavery that is the problem with that flag, its the fact that people who hate others because of their race use that flag as a part of their symbol, its no different than when people use the Nazi symbol, so as I said the flag itself is meaningless, its those that use's it the way they do that makes it a negative thing

  6. jerry henrie says:

    Blacks have been promised to be the rulers of whatever white race people that don't get killed. We are going  to be killed because whites follow Jesus Christ and that is who the Jews hate. That is behind all this racism. This evil hate for all that is of God. The American flag will go next. I hate the Jewish flag and it pisses me off when I see politicians speaking at ADL and AIPAC.

  7. jpunch says:

    Freedom fighter you have to do a video on Planet X NASA just revealed it

  8. degregrio says:

    Blacks are at this moment vandalizing Confederate Civil War monuments all all over the south, but that is not racist, let their Black monuments be vandalized and they would wage war On white people, The time for talk is over,

  9. I thought the twin towers were attacked by muslim extremists, is that not the official rhetoric?  so somehow "white americans" have done more damage than that?  hoo-ey.

  10. If god was real the world
    would be not suffering

  11. Truman Judah says:

    race wars will be here very soon!

  12. becky wood says:

    I agree, but no matter what race is to blame it still our HISTORY. Even th government trying to get rid of us INDIANs 

  13. The media is already in the Muslims pocket, this country has been infiltrated and is lost. Any brainless people who didn't figure this out, will believe what the media is spewing and feel the same way. Plus starting a race war allows for the government to declare martial law… don't have to say more about that. And I will state once again, slavery was only used by Lincoln to draw sympathy from the North to attack the South… because without it, the South would have stayed separate, because northerners were fine with the South breaking away, but Lincoln had to do what he could to bring the country back together, and the only emotional way to do that was with slavery. (Been saying this for years, but liberal teachers keep trying to make it look like whites cared about slaves, they didn't) The reason they attack whites? Because blacks believe that Islam is a black religion and therefore support the religion which is normally not a white religion, when in fact it isn't. Muslims enslaved Africans for years, a lot more than any whites ever did. Its the same lie that is taught about Democrats being more for blacks and minorities than republicans. Blacks are gullible and don't understand they support a party who is keeping them down, and supporting a religion that is enslaving them. This is your channel so I'm not going to keep rambling. Keep up your work man.

  14. The confederate flag symbolizes rebellion and secession from the United States. The south lost and it made them racists and slave owners which doesn't make sense since the north had the same level of racism and slavery after the civil war. If Texas tries to secede and ultimately lose against the US, they will probably labeled as homosexual hating bigots in the history books.

  15. JaskanFactor says:

    thought you should know that your intro outro sound is so LOUD its impossible to listen at night without waking the the street

    level all sounds to same volume,

  16. Nate Sim says:

    First, they came with border check points, and you didn't care. They came for Confederate flags, and you didn't care. Next, they came for guns, and you didn't care. Then they came for vets, gun owners and Christians, and you could care less. They finally came with armor tanks and trampled down your door. This has nothing to do with race or politics. They want to eradicate your constitutional rights. They're coming for you. Wake up!                                        THE SIGNS ARE EVERYWHERE!

  17. todd astle says:

    when they say white Americans are the biggest terror threat they are talking about themselves so their not lying .

  18. lakecrab says:

    Whites are DEFINED as "The Biggest Terror Threat" but not by our complicity or intent. Simply because of the desire among the change agents and social engineers to mix HS and Vanilla Ice Cream. The only way they can do that is by chopping us off at the knee. They have been very successful at this at least since the USFG of WDC went all the way with LBJ.

  19. AsiA I says:

    you white illegal foreign trash are a illegal colony in native Indians land get the fk out of non white native indians lands!

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