Europe’s Last Chance


We have a duty to put a stop to this madness, and we have the power. Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks …


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  1. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

  2. TheRobertSt says:

    So Pat, you still believe in the 'BREXIT lie'… Britain will never leave the Euro Zone… Article 50 wasn't written to ever be invoked. Just recently I heard that Britain would not call for it until, earliest beginning of next year. That should give you a clue to what's about to happen!

  3. We've missed you. BTW, thank you for subs.

  4. Rodney says:

    Your reactions to this madness are well based on reality, I congratulate you for that, you have common sense, many these days do not. However you still do not know who is your true enemy, who is behind all of this. The moslims are the tools to achieve such objective, nothing more than tools. Oher point is regarding of politics, do not pay such attention on Merkel and Obama, and Cameron and…. They do not have power to choose anything, they are there only to show people that their vote matters, it passes the impression that in some degree people are in charge of something, that is just to make us believe it is so, but it isn't, you see, most people believe in this trick, and believe they can change anything because they voted for someone, and bla bla, bla, this is bullshit, democracy from the XX century onwards is completly infiltrated, it isn't democratic at all, it just pretend to be, it is made to fool the naive, they have a agenda for centuries now, and they will do whatever they can to reach that. The media will keep supporting them in doing so, as it has done many decades already because they control it almost completly, wars were fought in this last century and before of that for this agenda, many things you learned in school were false, innacurate, because they already had control of it, choosing what they wanted us to believe in. It sounds like a Conspiracy Theory, in US they use to play that card a lot, the sad part is that is not just a theory for centuries now, it is a Conspiracy Practice for the last 2 centuries already. So if you are so angry with the results, find who is trully behind this madness, then you will be even more angry, because you will discover you have been foolhished your whole life. Sad but true. And then you will discover that some people some time ago were right about it.

  5. Rodney says:

    Sorry for my bad english, it is not my mother language, I can mix it with german, french, portuguese or spanish sometimes, it is hard to keep all of them in their places, kkkk.

  6. David Jenson says:

    Unless the elections are rigged. If they are, say bye bye.

  7. LOOK ====> Trump is the ONLY one who can save the western world from the socialists global takeover = Because the "paid-up" RNC /GOP; and the "paid-up" Mainstream Media; and the "paid-up" Democrats will NOT!!!

  8. here is what Brexit will change 0 0 0 and we all know it. End of story.

  9. HotasL says:

    Don't underestimate what Germans can do when they have a strong leader, and they will get one soon.

  10. jguy fletch says:

    Now do you understand why Donald Trump is popular ?

  11. Great man is what you are Pat.

  12. Islam is taking over Europe!!!! where are my Christian Brothers???? What Europe need is a relaunch of the Crusade to defend the faithful!!!!

  13. You Tube protests WON'T solve anything!! …….. Get out in the street and make your voices HEARD!!!

  14. Gandalf Grey says:

    No more Muslims!!!!

  15. Alex Lewis says:

    Keep up the good work pat

  16. can someone give them a ride to the nice neighborhood

  17. Tony Neto says:

    Muslims invaded Europe in the 8th century,since then they are trying to conquer Europe in the name of the "religion of peace", they were the reason we started the Crusades and Reconquista, our Ancestors fought for centuries to protect our European Homeland,,,,now in the name of "multiculturalism" and "diversity" we have given our Lands for free to the invaders. Our Ancestors are ashamed of us Europeans,Hang Merkel kill that traitor and take back what belong to the German Natives,,,Be Proud of your Heritage.

  18. We in Israel can not believe what you're doing to yourself, you're the blind
    For 100 years they slaughter us here, and you continue to blame us,
    Do you really think it's because of the occupation,

    Open your eyes, listen to them, they shout at you

    You Kuppers

  19. Merkel is importing more invaders in secret by night flights into Germany. That was impossible to hide. Short cut people, Google Kalergi Plan. The answers are there.

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